It's a Beautiful Day... but it will never make Pinterest

The lights are back on and I feel like I'm at the end of a marathon. So tired. But very grateful. Our first full day without power was the one I was the sickest, falling asleep every time I laid down to rest. The rest of the 5-day outage was a test of endurance. Now that it's over, I feel fizzled out. And so, so sad for the people on the coast.

The kids have been sick as well. I would love to let us sleep next week away. But there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Starting with a stinking refrigerator. I already cleaned the freezer. When I opened it, some kind of blueberry juice exploded at me. I still don't understand what that was all about. I had to laugh at the exploded bags of thawed frozen dough though.

I have discovered my intense fondness for refrigeration. And heat. And my dishwasher. Did you know that plastic bowls used for chicken soup will retain that smell even after 4 or 5 good hand washings? Yay for dishwashers.

This was the year without an All Saints' party but it was a nice day just the same. Our strange reality really proved that Pinterest searching is overrated. Reminded me that many things that I fret over are a consequence of having extra time and money that others do not have. My food limitations reminded me of this as well. I can afford to eat a special diet so that I can be healthy. I was rather hungry this week since I had neither the time nor the health to go running about town feeding myself. I ate but there were no smoothies or nice salads. The Chief had to work long hours because his city was hit very hard (three cheers for first responders!) and while we were all relatively comfortable at home, we were very basic.

I was able to briefly check my email and such a couple times during the week at different places and I was struck by the fact that, for most people, life was just moving along as usual. Even locally, I was trying to reschedule a dentist appointment for the kids and the receptionist was not particularly compassionate. She did not empathize with me. She had not lost power at all and she was not feeling ill and she did not see how one appointment sounded like scaling Mt. Everest to me.

I spent a lot of the week dragging one foot in front of the other and thinking "I can't" while doing things anyway. I was not my best. I was voiceless for a period of time and managed to yell at people anyway, although they just laughed at the squeaking sound. By yesterday afternoon, every voice and challenge was like nails on a chalkboard. "I need a vacation." Pitiful. But now that the lights are back on, I have a great new perspective on how wimpy I am, body and soul. Hoorah... It is over now and I'm doing the happy dance for lights and cold milk.

What have I lost? Some spoiled food. All the pretty fall leaves. Some siding from the house. A couple pounds. A few hours of sleep. Nothing really. Today, I rejoice and give thanks... not just because we haven't lost much, but because He has provided an opportunity for renewed gratitude, compassion, and renewal. How can I complain?

I didn't make All Saint's costumes this year and I won't be able to make a birthday cake for a dear little one. There is nothing Pinterest worthy here today. But thanks be to God for... everything. It's really a beautiful day.

Posted on November 4, 2012 and filed under "family life".