The Definition of Anxiety...

Anxiety is when you eat a couple pounds of mixed nuts without a) even being hungry and b) without realizing you've done it.

I'm sitting in a dark office trying to listen/not listen to what's happening on the television. I'm not surprised by the closeness of this race (we all knew it was coming) but I will never cease to be astonished that so many Americans so willingly cast a vote in opposition to our Constitutional freedoms. I'm not even talking about abortion. In the words of a family friend who grew up in socialist Poland:

"I came to America to get away from leaders like Obama. Don't we know by now that Socialism doesn't work?" 

Uh. Yeah. Americans are clearly not well versed in history or we wouldn't be wading through this muck and mire. And I can't stand living in Ohio during presidential elections. I cast my vote and it always sinks into a vast sea of liberal ballots. One of these days, my county will go red... like never.

To add nail biting to anxiety...

I haven't mentioned this before because I wanted to give public primacy to the important presidential decision, but my family has a rather large personal stake in one local election. If the vote goes the wrong way, it will personally affect the Chief and our family in a highly negative way.

I have a lot of strong words about local politicians floating around in my head. I can't say them. It would scandalize all you lovely people. I'm sure some politicians are good people. But there are far too many who just love power and grasp for it at the expense of others; in this case... their citizens and my family. They'd rather have a political patsy than a talented, hard-working public servant. And it all rests on an electorate that I pray to God is well-educated on the issues.

So... I'm waiting. And I feel kind of sick with the nuts and anxiety and all. I think I'm going to my room to play Angry Birds. Oh, you think I should pray a rosary instead? Yes. Good plan. That's what I meant to say.

O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a found of Mercy for us, I trust in You.

Thanks be to God, my husband has a reason to celebrate. As for the nation, it is in God's hands.

Posted on November 6, 2012 and filed under "election".