The "Thank God We Made It" Giveaway

I know it is highly unlikely, but certainly possible, that one or more of you may be wondering why I have been uncharacteristically silent on this blog lately. Three reasons:

#1 We took a long trip. It was absolutely lovely but I project a full recovery sometime in 2013. Possibly around March.

#2 Craft. Show. This is the double duh of the year. I signed up for two and this is the second one. Please note that it falls one week after we took a long trip.

#3 Hard drive crash. So I'm updating on an uncomfortable device and won't be doing a whole lot until I'm back on the comfortable machine again. Hoping some unbacked up items are retrievable but I'm committed to not losing sleep over it.

I just can't wait to update y'all (we took a trip South) on our doings but it will all have to wait. Our first college visit review is coming. And an account of our first near electrocution. But in the meantime, I'm happy to say that we're all alive. To celebrate happy travels and safe journeys, I'm going to giveaway... something... to the person who correctly guesses the circumstances of both photos below...

First up... the scene of the near electrocution. Care to hazard a guess about what Little Cub did at our hotel that nearly sent him to the ER?

Second... guess the identity of the Catholic college we visited last week using the photo clue below. 
Additional clue: Got Monks?

Leave one comment on this blog (or via email) with both correct guesses and I'll use to choose from among you. I could ask that you share the giveaway with others but I won't... I'll let it stay nice and small for my faithful readers. :) I'll leave the guessing open until December 4th and then send off the MYSTERY PRIZE to the fortunate winner.

That's right... it's a mystery. Because even I don't know what I'm giving yet. But I've got a box here and after the craft show, I'm going to fill it up with brand spanking new handmade goodies that are ready to use or be given as Christmas gifts. Will include the following:

~ Something useful.
~ Something that can be given to a Catholic.
~ Something that can be given to a child.
~ Something that can be given to a young lady.
~ Something that can be given to a friend.
~ Something you can keep because I said so.

I would photograph and list everything beforehand but did I mention that I'm on my uncomfortable electronic device and that I just survived a looong trip with six kids and a husband? Okay then.

Please commence with the guessing and I'll see you next week!

P.S. This was a totally spontaneous giveaway but I have another sweet planned giveaway coming up in Advent courtesy of a generous and talented follower of Blossoming Joy. Stay tuned.

Posted on November 27, 2012 .