6 Reasons Why Today is a Good Day

6 Reasons Why Today is a Good Day

1. God is good... all the time.

2. There's a guy here installing our new shower. I don't believe I've had a shower in my own home since August. I'm so happy that I think I'm going to dance. (Quick... look away)

3. Our home is crawling with happy children in pajamas.

4. Today is cleaning day. And it is time.

5. It is highly probable that I will find my camera today... it being cleaning day and all.

6. Professor is going to see the Hobbit. Which means that now he can stop nagging us to see it. The downside is that he will spend the next 48 hours talking about it. The upside is then I will have to see it so that it can become a conversation instead of a monologue. Truth be told, I love the Lord of the Rings books so much that I found the movies tedious. The accurate parts were just boring because I knew what was going to happen and the many inaccuracies were maddening. I am much more open minded about the Hobbit. Probably because I just really want to get out and see a movie. :)
Posted on December 29, 2012 .