7QT: An Advent First Confession and First Holy Communion


Button made her First Confession this morning. She had a brief meeting with the DRE of our new parish and then met Father in the Confessional. She was terribly nervous at first but had no serious difficulties. Father asked her if she would rather have her confession heard in his office or in the confessional. She responded that she would much prefer to be in church. On the way home in the car she asked me, "Mommy, do you ever feel like crying because you are happy?" Ha... Just call me leaky eyes. :)


After Confession, the Chief and I took Button out for lunch at Max & Erma's. She ordered Beetlejuice to drink, which is a combination of Sprite, grape juice, and gummy worms. Upon hearing this, the other children were astonished at the strange behavior of their father. I don't think such a thing has ever been ordered, anywhere, by any of them, on our tab...lol.


Following lunch, Chief went back to work and I took Button to a little Catholic shop nearby. The proprietor is a long-time friend and allowed Button to choose a special sacrament gift from her "Holy Barter" section. I was thinking of something small but the good woman reached up and brought down a large statue of the Sacred Heart and deposited it Button's arms. She then labeled the bottom with the date and occasion and sent a shining little Button on her way with a blessing.


Our parish church is beautiful. After the first couple times we visited, Jellybean took to calling it the "pink church." It's very small and the roof leaks... suited to an imperfect family like ours looking for a home. My favorite time to be there is at night when it is empty and only the exits and candles are lighted. I could sleep there except I'm sure the very faithful and fastidious janitor would hunt me down and eject me. This is not a very good photo of the pretty details up front (have I mentioned that my camera is AWOL and my computer with all my photos is at the digital hospital?).


Speaking of parishes, it is true that we have changed parishes after almost a decade at our former parish home. It was a very sad parting but a positive move for our family. Our discernment took the better part of a year as we allowed the Lord to lead us. For many months, it seemed He would remain silent, but He finally opened the doors for us. It has truly been a honeymoon period for us. We were immediately embraced and loved and found ways to bless and be blessed within our first week. I am under no illusion that this situation is likely to last forever, although I pray it does for a long time, but am grateful for this moment with our new community that feels like it's been ours forever.


Button's First Holy Communion is coming up very soon... our first ever in Advent. Perhaps it is more appropriate to have an Eastertide First Communion but I am very grateful for the opportunity for an extra Advent celebration. It is truly going to be an extra beautiful season for us. And for Button, this time of year will always be particularly significant since her Baptismal anniversary is on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


For those of you looking ahead to a First Communion this year, I have to tell you about an amazing dress clearance sale going on right now on a few US Angel dresses. I spent two weeks trying to find the deal of the century on a modest dress for Button and did indeed find it in the eleventh hour. I wanted short or 3/4 sleeves instead of the ubiquitous sleeveless. I also wanted something that was a good weight for Winter and quality enough to hold up for multiple children. And I wanted something under $50... including shipping. Oh, and could I please have a bit of lace somewhere? Not an easy feat but I found everything I was looking for. And the winner is....

$39.99 with free shipping. The dress is gorgeous in person. No disappointments whatsoever. We already have a veil. Shoes found on ebay. There are multiple short sleeve US Angels dresses still available at this price at flowergirldressforless.com. The sizes are limited but check the specific measurements if you don't see your size. Jellybean is wearing a size 8 but the size 10 we ordered measured perfectly for her.

I'm not getting anything for promoting this sale. I'm just telling you because I found nothing like it in my searching. Clearance for US Angels is usually not lower than $80 and this dress retails new for well over $100.

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