Shameless Promotion of My Husband's Awesome Book

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway. I started packing the prize box and it is really filling up nicely. There is a small pool of correct entries so if you're one of them, your odds are wonderful!

Our computer crashed so I'm going to be be brief today since I'm on an alternate device...

First... if you don't have a copy of the Catholic Bible Concordance for the RSV-CE (Ignatius) bible, you should probably order one for Christmas. In fact, order several... one for every Catholic on your list. It is the Chief's baby and it's a lovely thing to see him open a royalty check. They are never very big but still satisfying. :)

While we were on our visit to the college-which-shall-be-named-tomorrow, the kids spotted the Concordance in the college book store. Crash promptly notified the woman running the shop who promptly insisted that the Chief sign it. And I took a picture.

Incidentally, the forward to the Concordance was written by Scott Hahn. (No, I'm not at all ashamed of a little Catholic name dropping.) If you don't know what a Bible concordance is or why you should use this particular version, please see this post.

Second... Anyone know the saint Jellybean is loving up in the top photo? My guess was St. Barbara but it was a wild guess.

Posted on December 4, 2012 and filed under "Catholic Bible Concordance".