What I don't want to know... is always on Facebook

Sometimes I stumble across a funny thing that is so sadly true that I can't even laugh. I started to laugh when I saw this shirt on Pinterest and then I just stopped and frowned. I have a Facebook account but it only exists so that I can access Pinterest and sign up for giveaways and great coupons. It's not under my full name. I rarely ever go there.

Except every once in a while. And then I almost always regret it.

Perhaps it is because I am not desensitized to it all but every time I spend more than 3 minutes browsing  around Facebook, I leave with terrible memories and regrets. I can't even get into people's pages because I'm not even "friends" with my friends... but I see enough. What starts out as a mild interest in the lives and doings of my friends and family turns into an eye-opening freak show. 

Stuff I didn't know and didn't want to know. Really scandalous photos and updates from practicing Catholics. Oh look! Mrs. Suzy Catholic's college age son is on here! I wonder how he's doing. He's always been such a nice, pious... oh dear... 

There have been two different times in the last few years when I have spent more than a few minutes browsing. Boredom, curiosity, whatever, I have no good excuse. Both times I have been moved to pray for a healing of memories. Because when I see these people next (and I will see them, probably at some church function somewhere) I do not wish to see them as they were pleased to show themselves. 

God forgive me for my unhealthy curiosity. Again, since I'm "friends" with no one (and no one can even really find me since I don't use my full name) I can't even see most stuff on Facebook. Based on my limited experience, all I can assume is that it must be a very sordid sort of icky place in general. Or at least one gigantic occasion of sin. 

But I like blogging. And Pinterest. And every time I'm tempted to join Facebook, I realize that my motivation is almost entirely one of two things: mercenary or curiosity. I can definitely do without those two stumbling blocks. 
Posted on December 30, 2012 and filed under "Facebook".