7QT: Get a Job, kid.


The Professor went on his first job interview today and had a very nice time. He said he wasn't nervous and that he enjoyed getting to meet new people and have new experiences. This is a homeschooled child, if you recall. At any rate, when the interviewers discovered that he was homeschooled, they asked him what he perceived to be the biggest benefit of being home educated. He replied... wait for it...


He went on to explain that he thought it a tremendous benefit that he has the opportunity to socialize and learn from a wide variety of different people of different ages. He was most appreciative of the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with adults since he has learned so much and also developed a high comfort level with people outside his peer group. He went on to say that he feels he has been able to learn and grow without all the worst elements of his social peer group and to still be able to choose selectively among those that help him to be his very best (sports, music, youth group, etc.).

No, I'm not making this up. You can't make this kind of stuff up.


I've learned a bit about child labor laws in the past couple of days and it's rather stricter than it was when I was a student. There's a 3-hour daily cap in Ohio during the school week and an 18-hour maximum for an entire week. When I was his age, I was working a 5-hour shift several times a week. I'm not complaining though. It wasn't our intention to have him get a job at age 15... we just sort of fell into this. IF he gets the job, it will be a max work week of 10-12 hours. We will also not allow him to work on Sundays (which may be the death of the whole thing anyway).


Now that I have a child who is 6 months away from terrorizing the streets from behind the wheel of a vehicle, I am astonished that anyone in government anywhere thinks that 16 is old enough to drive. And I think my kid is pretty mature. Seriously, cars are like gigantic weapons. People die everyday as a result of idiot driving.

I was thinking about this while reading up on the gun control battle that is raging. I whole lot more people die in vehicles than from guns every year. Gun owners are background checked this way and that but pretty much any ex-con, drug addict, alcoholic, madman can drive a danger-mobile. I'm not particularly afraid of the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens who own firearms. But I am fully conscious of my mortality every time I get behind the wheel of a car.

We were once involved in a serious accident caused by a licensed woman who couldn't even speak English (please recall that road signs are in English). You can have bad eyesight, poor hearing, and a large variety of mental disorders and get a driver's license. You can even injure people and property with a vehicle and retain a license. You can drink and drive, get caught, and get your license back. You can knock down a telephone poll with your vehicle in a residential neighborhood and get your license back (this happened once right in front of my house).

And the deer... the deer are everywhere and just dumb when it comes to cars.

Anyway, that's my I-have-a-child-who-is-almost-old-enough-to-drive rant. :)


After having battled a nasty cold all week, I am going into hiding until the flu passes over Ohio. If I see you in the near future, please don't be offended if I just wave at you from afar. You might have the flu, you know. I could be like the old lady at church who just gives everyone a fist bump at the sign of peace. But that would still mean touching other people.


Pregnancy eating is going well. I ate almost an entire package of organic bacon today. All by myself. It was delicious. The last four pieces went right to my hips but I will deal with that in a few months.


My hair is getting to be rather long and crazy. It's been some time since I've had it cut. I've cut it myself the last two times in fits of desperation but thinking about cutting my hair when I'm sick and pregnant is similar to thinking about running a marathon.

My most often used solution is to hide it all in some fashion on top or in back of my head. This used to be a terrible chore because I have a lot of thin, straight hair that systematically spits out bobby pins. But I have found the miracle hair pin. Spin pins. I bought them on a whim thinking that they probably wouldn't work any better than anything else I've ever tried. Wrong. They are amazing. If anyone in your family has hair that gets put up regularly and needs to stay put, these spin pins are really worth the money. They come in two lengths and light and dark colors. I have found them at Walmart but they are less expensive on Amazon with Prime or super saver shipping.


The shower is almost done. We just have to prime and paint and then we're good to go! The first thing I'm going to do once it's done is to use the yummy sugar scrub that Cookie made me for Christmas. It smells just like french toast and she completely surprised me with her homemade creation. The gift also cleared up the mystery of the missing almond oil. She had used it to make the scrub and when I went searching for it, she felt torn between confessing and keeping the surprise. She doesn't realize it but I knew instantly that she was guilty. It was that wide-eyed "caught" look that gave her away. Fortunately, my parental instinct told me that there was likely a good explanation and I did not press her to reveal her surprise. :)

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Posted on January 11, 2013 .