Prayers Needed for a Mother

Prayers needed for a young mother. She's anonymous and I'll likely never know the end of her story, but she needs our prayers now...

Every once in a while, I get a text from a good friend of mine who owns an ultrsound studio. It is a for-profit business but she always opens the door freely for anyone contemplating abortion who would like to see the child before making a final decision. She texted this week with that message and I followed up later wondering how everything went.

She responded briefly asking for continued prayers because the young woman's mother is attempting to "force" her to have the abortion. This is such a sad and common story. So many women would gladly embrace their children if they truly felt they had a choice. How many mothers, fathers, boyfriend, husbands have dragged a reluctant woman to the abortionist's office? So many. Too many. That is not choice. That is not free. That is not loving women and the gift of their motherhood and femininity.

So, please pray for this young woman, her baby, and the baby's grandmother... that the fear of the life of this child will be overcome by love.

Posted on January 13, 2013 .