Solution to Pregnancy Cravings... Chocolate and Coconut

I had not been too bothered by terrific food cravings this pregnancy... until now. If you want to have a good laugh, watch me while I cook for the kids. I have to stop every few minutes to wipe my drool off the floor. I occasionally stoop low to press my nose into some child's piece of french toast as they all look on in horrified wonder. What is wrong with Mommy? they whisper to each other. She's pregnant.

I have had no trouble (or rather, very little trouble) sticking to my wheatless, soyless, sugarless, processed-food-less diet while pregnant up to this point. And now, I spend the day dreaming about bready carbs. This baby is growing like crazy and clearly I need to increase the nutritional demands. But all I really want is a big, fat donut.

I've made a couple compromises to my regular diet in order to satisfy the intensity of the cravings. I added greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom. I tried it plain but couldn't handle it even with vanilla and fresh fruit. Too bitter. But I drooled all over the yogurt aisle and finally said, "I'll take 6 strawberry banana Chobani yogurts, please." That flavor has the least amount of sugar in the line stocked by Walmart. I don't know what my body thinks of this novelty but emotionally speaking, I am extremely happy when I eat my daily yogurt. I am ashamed to say that I think of it first thing when I wake up and have to recollect myself for a couple minutes before I can focus on my morning offering.

The other adjustment that I have made is to add white potatoes (in bulk) to my diet. I have tried more veggies and fruits but nothing seems to knock out my carb craving like a big old white potato loaded with organic bacon, full fat butter, green onion, and sour cream. At some point, I hope to reduce all the starch again but for now, please pass the potatoes.

Even with those two changes, I have been plagued with cravings. This makes no sense to me since I eat so well but pregnancy can be a bizarre journey through the wonderful world of hormone fluctuations. One day I eat everything not nailed down (that's diet appropriate) and the next day I wish that I didn't have to touch another morsel of food for the rest of my life and won't you please turn out the light and close the door when you are leaving my room?

Now, I have to follow all that whining up with great news... that is that I have found a snack/treat that is full of fatty sugarless goodness. And chocolate. Oh yes, it is lovely. Thank you Wellness Mama for the recipe. I have just eaten some of this lovely goodie and am slowly sinking into a happy, pregnant coma. Otherwise known as a nap. But before I give in to that overwhelming urge, I will share with you the recipe (copied and pasted from Katie's website) and my comments beneath. Enjoy!

My notes:

Cocoa Butter
This ingredient is a bit allusive and definitely expensive. I actually already had some on hand that I intended to use for homemade lotion. I purchased it from Rose Mountain Herbs a couple months ago... again, a little pricey but I wanted to be sure I was getting quality, fresh, organic materials. Sooo glad I had it on hand at this precise moment in time!!

Coconut Oil
I have a ton of this because I use it for everything. Lovely stuff. You can find it at Walmart or your grocery store. Just make sure you're getting pure stuff.

All honey is not created equal (yes, I guess I am a food snob). For this, I used honey from my cousin's citrus groves and when I run out I will purchase from local bee keepers. In general, I don't care for honey... but it sure is nice to have around when sugar is off the menu.

Chia Seeds
I have no idea what these are and I'm not currently interested in them. I simply added coconut to make up the difference.

I love pure vanilla and use it generously. I have no idea how much I added to this recipe because I hardly ever measure vanilla. The only time I can recall using too much was when I was trying to reconcile my taste buds to unflavored greek yogurt.

I don't use sugar substitutes like Stevia or Agave at all as a rule. They are processed (as sugar is) and we have very little long-term information about them. It was not really necessary for this recipe at all. I love dark chocolate and this was not any more bitter than my favorite brands. Even Cookie likes this treat and she does not like dark chocolate. She said she thinks the coconut made up for it.

I use non-sweetened coconut in my recipes and have found it locally at Walmart in the freezer section by the frozen fruit. Otherwise, I have seen it online. I once cut up and shredded my own coconut but that was a hassle I won't be repeating again soon! I love coconut and added more than the recipe called for. I'm not sure how much more but I kept pouring it in until the consistency was pretty thick with it. It was probably harder to spread than Katie's recipe but I just did my best and then broke it up into pieces and put it in a freezer container. These are delicious coming out of the freezer!!

So now you know what I'm going to be eating all day today. So far, my weight gain has been slow and steady. I usually gain at least 10 pounds before the first trimester is over and I'm pretty sure I haven't hit that yet at 15+ weeks. (Truth be told, I can still wear my non-pregnancy jeans and that has never happened to me before.) That may change with the addition of such foods as this... or not. My immoderate consumption of bacon doesn't seem to have affected my weight gain so perhaps I'm safe with cocoa butter, too! We'll see. In the meantime, I don't care much. I'm pregnant. I'll deal with the scale in a few months. :)

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