Stalling, Ice Skating, and a Little Dancing...

For those of you waiting for Part 2 of my post, Life Without Bread, you'll have to wait a little bit longer. Because I have a virus. I do not know it's name (other than annoying) but it has knocked me flat. If I were a superstitious person, I would think it was because I said the following out loud: "This is the week we are going to clean up, catch up, and get serious." The Murphy's Law (if there was such a thing and I believed in it) of homeschooling mothers would be this:  If you plan anything at all, someone will get sick or have a crisis. I'm not trying to be negative here, just identifying a strangely consistent pattern. 

I am flopping onto the computer and although it seems like I'm writing, I'm really only randomly poking my thoughts... which is  mildly different. So no coherent thoughts on major dietary changes today.

I do have a post though because I have some new photos. And good news on the technological front. All of our data from our computer crash in November has been retrieved, although we haven't attempted to get it out of the little box the guy gave us yet. I was trying not to worry about it but my mind kept wandering back to a lot of beautiful photos that I hadn't backed up. I am relieved. In the meantime, I have taken new ones and a short video (if blogger will tolerate it) of the smooth public dance moves of Little Cub.

Recent trip to the ice rink. Everyone got gory blisters from the rental skates but no one complained (until they got home). I hung out with Cub and took pictures. I'm a good skater but last time I skated, had my feet knocked out from under me by some short hot shot, and spent the better part of a year babying my banged up knee. I thought for 2 seconds about spending a pregnancy with a bum knee and happily benched myself this time.

Crash flying along pushing Little Cub in front of him. For the record, I never thought it was a good idea to pair these two up, but since nothing terrible happened, I happily share the photo.

Brothers watching the zamboni work. 

Jellybean shortly before she made the ice her new home. At one point, I tried to entice her to have a break with a cookie. She refused, intent on learning to speed skate before age 6. I had no idea her socks had slipped down and a bloody blister was forming on her leg. She didn't mention it until we got home at which point she was delighted to try out the new CandyLand bandaids she received for Christmas.

Brief video clip below of Cub showing off his dance moves. I think it's so funny how little kids so naturally learn to dance even if no one teaches them. I couldn't teach him if I wanted to. My version of dancing is rather scary. And we don't watch any dance shows so... he's a complete natural. Brilliant, in fact. Yes, yes... you are all smiling in a knowing way and thinking "It's kind of cute but I not that cute but she's his mother so we understand." :)

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