7 Quick Takes: Evidence that I'm a bit odd

Okay, this is for all of you out there who already knew I was strange but didn't have enough evidence on your side to prove it...


I've started washing my face with oil. Yes, indeed. I am prone to bad skin and break-outs... so I'm now washing my face with oil to fix things. The really strange part about it is that it's lovely and effective. So, more on that next week when I teach you how to wash your face with oil. (So that you can be odd like me.)



I am attempting to heal my poor suffering teeth by consuming fermented cod liver oil (with butter oil). I'm desperate. About 100 internet articles in googleland have convinced me that teeth (which are essentially bones) can actually heal cavities all by themselves. I'm taking a few other supplements along those lines, too, but if you knew how I react even to the thought of the smell of fish... you would feel that my behavior was strange. I will let you know how it goes. I'm pregnant. I'm desperate. I'm only on day #3. 

UPDATE: June 15, 2016... I have been using the cod liver/butter oil for several years and experience a quick and obvious relief from tooth pain and gum inflammation when I take it consistently. The strongest evidence is that when I was experiencing gum bleeding every time I brushed while pregnant; the bleeding would subside after 2 days of taking the oil and return after two days if I did not maintain. I'm not a supplement freak but I stand behind these. 


I make all of my own laundry soap, rinse my clothes in vinegar, and I hate camping. I had to put in that last part because I think that is what makes the statement altogether strange. A woman who makes her own laundry soap should not dislike camping. But there you have it.

I will write more about the laundry soap next week... around the same time that I encourage you to wash your face with oil. It's Lent, people... time to get clean all over.




I went visiting yesterday for a St. Valentine's Day party and talked nonstop from beginning to end. I believe that I am mostly an introvert... so this behavior doesn't jive. However, it may have something to do with the fact that I have been tucked away in my hobbit hole for many, many weeks with pregnancy drain/sickness and I was getting all my words out at once. At any rate, I met some lovely people who will probably never want to talk to me again. They not only know my life story but, if you blog and I read what you write, they probably know your life story, too. That's how much I talked.




My Easter shopping is almost complete and it's still the first week of Lent. I started looking around a month ago. This is my version of nesting. I also have a good portion of our school materials chosen and purchased for next year. Lots of great bargains and second-hand treasures. But I realize that I'm not really in sync with normal people. At least I'm prepared.

I can't wait to show you some of the things that I've picked up and I'll post as I get it a bit more organized, although Professor's will have to wait until after Easter since he sometimes snoops around this blog. If you really want to know what we got our 15-year old you can email me.




I really, really like ebay. I used to avoid it because I couldn't figure out how to win an auction reasonably. My husband taught me how to do that (he's rather bright) and the rest is history. I sell a bit here and there, too, and there is nothing at all like the rush of watching a bidding war explode over my item. I hardly ever have more than one thing up for sale at a time but it is a very exciting distraction. I recently sold an item for $10 more than I originally purchased it for... and I had paid full price. Some people get very excitable in those final bidding moments and I do feel badly at times. But I still take their money.




I read on Jen Fulwiler's blog that she is going to start wearing a chapel veil to Mass for Lent... and I found myself slightly envious. I hadn't even realized that I wanted to wear one prior to that. Perhaps it's because she is a very "cool" blogger and I just want stuff like she has. Or perhaps I've discovered that I really do think it would be a lovely pious practice to renew. That and the fact that I'm a sucker for pretty lace. It might be that. It's probably that.

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Posted on February 15, 2013 .