How to Avoid Superficial Homeschooling...

From the lovely blog, Project-Based Homeschooling:
If you get hung up on the superficial, you can’t make progress on what’s deep and meaningful.
Let go of your ego about what your child’s progress/results/products look like to others. It stands in the way of true understanding.
If YOU really understand what your child is doing/what they have accomplished, you will be able to show it to others and help them understand — and hopefully it will lessen your need for their approval.
You want your child to be self-confident and be discerning about whose opinion they respect. Embody that value in your own life.
Let your children have their own ideas, recognize their own possibilities, find their own way, measure their own progress. If they don’t learn these skills now, when will they learn them?

Posted on February 4, 2013 and filed under "home education", "home schooling", "homeschooling".