My Experiment With Iron Supplements...

After writing about my intention to take an iron supplement to try and combat extreme pregnancy fatigue, someone asked me what kind of iron supplement I've been taking, so I thought I'd post the info... with the disclaimer that I am not incredibly knowledgable about supplements. I chose this brand based on a brief period of research and the following basic criteria:

*gluten and soy free
*smallish... meaning that I can actually swallow them without gagging (seems to be uncommon with iron)
*additional ingredients that aid absorption and overall health
*easy on the stomach. I usually do not fare well with iron during pregnancy and end up sicker. I did not know if my stomach would respond more kindly since my dietary changes so I chose to be cautious.

So... here's what I found...

Floradix Iron Tablets Supplement

The iron content is about 1/3 of the daily recommended dose for pregnant women but that is one reason I liked it. Instead of one huge dose at a time, I figured that I could take 2 to 3 tablets during the course of a day and go easier on my system. My thought was that if I started to have issues, I could cut back on doses and still have some iron coming in. I have not had to cut back yet as I am tolerating it very well.

These are definitely pricier than a Walmart brand but worth it if they work. If vitamins are too stinky, too large, too anything, I end up wasting them because I can't swallow them without negative consequences. I am willing to pay for vitamins I will take rather than throw money after ones that will end up in the trash.

(Also, many people seem to prefer the liquid version of this brand. All I have to say is that I have tried liquid vitamins and I'm pretty sure I couldn't tolerate them right now.)


I am only on my third day of supplementing with iron but have already noticed a significant improvement. I would say a 50% to 60% improvement in overall energy and feeling of wellness.

I have been very happy with the size of the vitamins and find them easy to swallow. I take them with a small amount of orange juice to aid absorption (I read somewhere that this is helpful). They also come in a blister pack which is pretty awesome since I am not overwhelmed by the vitamin smell when opening the box (this is very important for a queasy pregnant gal).

So, there you have it. My two cents on a subject about which I am not particularly knowledgable. But my overall experience has been good and I am extremely happy to report that I have been feeling better as a result! In fact, the results have been so satisfactory that I am going to be adding a couple more supplements to my diet. I have never liked vitamins, believing that a healthy diet will cover all... however, I have been know to be wrong from time to time.
Posted on February 8, 2013 and filed under "iron", "vitamins".