We're Having a....

I love this moment. 
Since my 4th pregnancy, I have had the privilege of having a studio 3D/4D ultrasound in the second and third trimester of each pregnancy. 
The first one with each is my favorite. 
After the worst part of the sickness. 
When the belly is still relatively small and I haven't felt much of the little one...
we finally get to meet. 

Hello Beautiful. I knew you were in there but just look at you!

I just never get over the awe of that moment. 
The weariness fades.
The sickness is very obviously worth it.

You're having a girl
she says. 
And I say...
I'm in love already.

I recognize that profile. 
You already look like your sisters.
She shows us that she can suck her thumb and that she is very active and comfortable.
16 weeks.

And I can't wait to kiss those little toes.

I think every mother should have the opportunity to see her little one at this point in the pregnancy. It is a wonderful boost and unforgettable meeting. If you have the opportunity to treat someone to the experience, don't hesitate to give it! 

If you live in Northeast Ohio, do visit BabyWaves. It is owned and operated by good friends of ours. They love Life, love babies, and love Jesus and His Church. Also, if you know someone in the area who is contemplating abortion, they will be happy to allow the mother the opportunity to see her baby before she makes such a decision. 

We left the office today with baby pictures and a little gift. A soft stuffed lamb hiding a recording of Little Miss's heartbeat. Jellybean carried the bag home and the baby's heart has been touching her own ever since... 
... she's falling in love, too.
She's known about the pregnancy, of course, but it is as if she never realized what it really meant before. She keeps telling Cub...
Mommy's going to have a baby! And you're going to have a little sister!
Ah! A revelation!

And shame on me for wishing pregnancy away.
I have been known to wish that storks really do bring babies (I've written it on this blog multiple times). And I do not enjoy most of pregnancy. But this moment.
This moment...
...well, what can I say? 
I love this moment.
I love my little girl.
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