7 Quick Takes: Pregnancy, Michael Voris, and Random Things


I am thrilled to report that my weight gain has been much more moderate in this first portion of the pregnancy than in any of the others. I usually grow out of my jeans in the first 2 weeks. This time (shockingly), I am still in my jeans and only just got rid of my belt. I am not from a generation that grew up loving the natural waist line so it does help that all my pants sit below that point, under belly.

I have been consuming a ton of calories so I can really only attribute this weight gain difference to my crazy diet. If you must know, I have been eating mostly bacon, potatoes, and sour cream. So if you weren't astonished at my lack of gain before, I trust you are now.


Exercise has been a bit of a problem for me so far but things are finally looking up. The supplements seem to be helping significantly. I firmly believe that it is possible to increase one's fitness level during pregnancy because I have done it in the past... so it's time to begin! I have learned that for me, post-partum is NOT the time to decide to become fit. Ideally, that is the time to benefit from already acquired fitness. To heal. To hold and care for baby. To allow strong and flexible joints and muscles to adjust back to the non-pregnant state. *ahem* I did say ideally. And that is my goal once again.

I have increased weight training to really focus on strength. (By increase I mean that I have gone from nothing to something.) I will increase cardio as my energy level continues to improve (I am assuming it will... hoping it will). Or... I can do what I did with my last pregnancy and walk a few miles with the Chief right before bed so that I need neither strength nor energy for anything else that day once I am completely drained of it.

N.B... I just spent the past two weeks glued to an office chair. That is not what I envisioned when I wrote the above (a little over two weeks ago). Starting up a new organization and keeping fit at the same time is not a task for those mamas who tend to lose their planners! However, we're beginning again...


Belly fashion. I do not like maternity clothes. The affordable brands do not fit me well and are often highly uncomfortable. Many of my previous maternity favorites are non-maternity clothes with excellent waistbands or items that I have altered. Among those favorites are jersey knit items with wide waist bands, particularly skirts. Since my sewing room is almost complete, I have grand plans for stitching together a couple of these lovely pieces. They are like yoga pants in skirt form! I have collected a few DIY articles on Pinterest. Most of the patterns are super duper easy.

Have I told you about my new sewing room? I haven't?!? Because I am a real life princess now and I thought for sure I might have mentioned it. I have a room that's sole function is for sewing/crafting. (Entire post and photos coming soon for sure.) I never dared to dream that such a thing was possible but when we put on the new addition and decided to do dormers for the kids instead of many rooms...we ended up with an extra room. Weird. Unexpected. Wonderful. And when the Chief said I could have it? I almost fainted dead away.

The best part is that I painted it PINK. I am a real princess. If you ever hear me complain again, just give me a swift kick. I have a pink sewing room. Am I dreaming?


I have to talk aout Michael Voris for a minute. I had the chance to hear him speak this weekend and to meet him and I was completely charmed. I know he's considered controversial but honestly, I like his videos and I found nothing worrisome about his presentations. In fact, I nodded so vigorously through those talks that I think I threw my neck out. I found him to be extremely nice, not arrogant or haughty, with a rather healthy sense of humor, and a razor sharp view of the truth. In short, I'm a fan.

The other thing I have to say about him is that he was speaking one day before he was due to embark upon his Lenten retreat/cruise. You know, the one that some bloggers got worked up about because "Lenten" and "cruise" just don't seem to work together? I just want all of you who were worried about that event to be at ease. You see, he announced at the beginning of his Saturday talk that he was coming down with some kind of illness... the day before his cruise. I think my kids came down with the same one and it that's the case, I can assure you it's totally nasty.

Aside from the absurdity of publicly attacking a person for their choices in Lenten geography, the haters failed to take into account the obvious: that God handles the crosses. If it wasn't sickness, it would have been shellfish poisoning or an iceberg or something. But I just wanted to put those troubled minds at ease...

...Michael Voris was not feeling well the day before heading off for his cruise. God has handled the mortifications. As usual.

(I was sitting in front and to the left of the man in red in the above photo. I consider that proof enough that I was there nodding.)

I am now 5 months pregnant and have entered the honeymoon stage. I thank God for this gift. Last pregnancy, I was still taking Zofran through the 5th month and never experienced an energy burst. This is incredible. I credit this to my extreme dietary changes which I undertook through the grace and mercy of God.


With my thoughts still heavily wrapped up in the events of last weekend, I can't help but post a pic of Professor during one of his "firsts." If he wasn't 15, this would be a baby book moment. I suppose we have now graduated to scrapbooking or blogging moments.

Here's a shot of him addressing the Bringing America Back to Life assembly last weekend. It was his first time addressing a crowd that size and I knew he was nervous but he did a great job. He found out the night before that he was to give a brief introduction of himself and his new organization before introducing the next presenter... and I thought he rose to the occasion. I like this photo because it shows his passion. Rallying the troops! He even decided to throw in a couple jokes and the first thing I thought was "Just like his father." As a family, we couldn't decide collectively if they were funny. I am far too biased... I think I would laugh at any joke he told in that moment. His father over thought the whole thing and decided to immediately enroll him in a rigorous public speaking course. And Cookie thinks her brother is the funniest person in any room.

The final analysis can be found in the fact that he has already received invitations to speak for local organizations and an invitation to a Summer internship. Whether or not the jokes were funny seems to be mildly irrelevant.

And for those of you still reading, I beg your prayers for the protection of my children, particularly for  those now embarking upon a new journey and engagement with some dark and aggressive cultural forces. If you have room on your prayer lists... please add them. Even if they're simply included in "for those for whom we have promised to pray." I'll take it with gratitude. God bless you.

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Posted on March 15, 2013 .