Pope Francis on Abortion

Our new Holy Father has not been shy in speaking out about the rights of the unborn... and the incredible sacrifice that pro-life people will have to make in defending those rights...

In 2005, as Cardinal, Pope Francis said...

 “When one listens to what Jesus says: Look, ‘I send you, I send you like sheep amongst the wolves,’ one has the desire to ask: ‘Lord, are you joking, or do you not have a better place to send us?’ Because what Jesus says is a little chilling: ‘if you proclaim my message, they are going to persecute you, they are going to slander you, they are going to set traps to deliver you to the courts and to have you killed. But you must continue forward. For that reason, take care, Jesus says, and be astute, be clever like the serpent but very simple like doves,’ joining the two things.”

In 2007, he said that abortion was the "death penalty" for the unborn child.

In 2011, he wrote: 

“The right to life is the first among human rights. To abort a child is to kill someone who cannot defend himself.”

Read more HERE at LifeSiteNews.

I recently had a protestant friend ask me if I thought the new pope (who had not yet been selected) would continue to stand firm on life issues. I was somewhat taken aback. That was like asking if the pope would be Catholic! Pro-Life is not an "issue" for Catholics but a way of life. One cannot be united to the heart of Christ without also having a burning desire for justice for all people. If someone is not pro-life, they are clearly not really Catholic.

Our conversation (in part):

Me: Of course the new pope will oppose abortion and contraception! He'll be a Catholic won't he? 

My friend: Yes, but so many of the other Christian churches have fallen away from those teachings. In fact, I can't think of any sect that is completely pro-life.

Me: That is why they are Protestant and not Catholic. The pope will be Catholic and pro-life or he will not be pope.

My friend: *laughing at me* We'll see. Every other church has fallen away. The Catholic Church is the only one truly left standing. I don't see that it can stand much longer.

Me: Yes, that's true, the Catholic Church is the only one left standing. *followed by extended silence... during which I wonder whether she is going to fully comprehend what she, as a protestant and fallen away Catholic, has just said about the Catholic Church*

Posted on March 16, 2013 .