The Littles Sing About Pope Francis

I figured that every Catholic blogger on earth would be posting about Pope Francis today. I couldn't be left out of that. It's a huge, happy, noisy party! I feel like I should say something just to be part of the festivities, so here is my very brief contribution....

~The kids and I crammed into the office and watched EWTN live on our little laptop.
~Multiple children were sick, a couple of them utterly miserable and barely able to stick with it. It did dampen their experience a bit, I think, but perhaps they can watch reruns when they have recovered.
~I cried like a baby and Jellybean kept looking at me with concern wondering why I was blubbing if I was so happy.
~The three littles spent the evening dancing around the living room singing a little ditty they made up called "God bless Pope Francis". It involved a tremendous amount of stomping and going in circles and it got a lot loud, but I didn't have the heart to stop it. After 35 minutes of it, I figured it was a record length toddler prayer. I should have taken video.
~I love the Holy Father already.

I wish I had been there. I am no fan of huge crowds and try to avoid them but... I wish I had been there. Cold, wet, tired, and with my whole family.

My at-home-from-the-office-chair reaction...
"Jorge Bergoglio": who?
"Francis": cool.
"Jesuit": *sharp intake of breath*
"Orthodox Jesuit": *happy exhale*

Going now to take care of sick kids. And if I am able to make it to Mass, will rejoice to hear the name of our new shepherd filling the vacancy.

Posted on March 14, 2013 and filed under "Pope Francis".