Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body

I recently had the opportunity to review Kate Wicker's book Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body. Wait... scratch that...

I had the opportunity about a year ago to review Kate Wicker's book. And the first thing I think I have to come clean about is that it took me a whole year to work up the courage to review it. It is not a bad or scary book. It's lovely. My struggle was not with the content but with my own heart. The truth is that the author took me to God's mirror to see myself through His eyes... and I ran away.

I started to reflexively withdraw myself from her written words and the old demons crept up to secure their grip on my soul. Stop looking at me, Lord.

Kate Wicker lovingly and courageously shares her body issue struggles with the reader and gently invites us to enter into the peace she has found. At the end of each chapter, she leads the reader through excellent reflection questions. It was from these that I ran. I skimmed. And I thought I'm not ready.

I briefly entertained the thought of calling my accountability partner (the one I have in addition to my husband, of course) but instead, I put the book down. For a year.

Fear kept me away. Fear that the grace of God would flow over my soul... and change me. Because I do think that we sometimes cling to our woundedness when we do not wish to believe that we can live the alternative.

This book does not give you a precise plan for solving your body issues. Rather, it is an invitation to enter into a conversation with the Lord. A conversation in which we agree to listen while He tells us we are beautiful and learn to trust that He would never lie. Between the accounts of her personal journey, Kate Wicker outlines a practical guide for having that conversation. And for learning to live a healthy life, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It's not a long book (less than 100 pages) and does not need to be. It leads simply through story, prayer, Scripture, Catechism, and reflection. Why do I overeat? Why do I starve? Why do we binge and purge? Why can't be ever be "good enough"? And how does God call us to respond to this self-knowledge?

I put it down the first time because I was afraid of that self-reflection. Afraid of letting God claim that part of my soul. I picked it up again by His grace and entered gratefully into conversation with my loving Father.

If you are a mother struggling with body issues, you will find this book particularly powerful. But women of all ages will find grace in these pages. I'm guessing I'm not alone in my struggles. Don't be afraid. Enter into the conversation.
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