Dietary Stumbling Blocks (Or What Not to Do When You Have Cravings)

I want a Snickers bar. Or Rice Chex. I'm terrifically preoccupied with those thoughts. My cravings for anything and everything off of my diet are intense. I walk around the house like a thirsty girl in the dessert, going over my edible options. Everything I should be eating makes me frown. I really just want some kind of chocolate or cereal. My plan is to make my body-friendly chocolate coconut bars immediately following this post... really hoping it helps.

In other food news, I broke down and strayed from my dietary rules and have been eating Rice Chex. LOTS of Rice Chex. They are gluten free and largely free of junk. They make me happy while I eat them. However, they are still heavily processed and make me feel very horrible after I eat them. How terrible that I CRAVE them desperately. The Chief bought a box for me the other day and I decided it was best to eat them all at once so that I didn't have to fight the temptation anymore. That did not go well. So the next obvious step was to ask him to buy me more, which he did. He brought home 5 boxes (presumably so that he wouldn't have to make any more midnight craving Walmart trips). Thankfully, all 5 boxes have been consumed and afterwards, seeking accountability for my actions, I fessed up to Chief that they make me ill. I have sealed my doom. He loves me too much to buy more. I think at this point he'd even turn me down if I tried "The BABY wants Rice Chex."

And now, I wander around the house drooling and wishing for Rice Chex and chocolate. Speaking of chocolate...

The pro-life video competition in which Professor is a finalist is getting tighter. I think I've nagged my poor readers enough about it and am now going to post it here from YouTube and give one final pleading pitch for you to get on Facebook and vote. Go here to find out how. (It's super quick, I promise.)

Yes, you're right. That had nothing to do with chocolate. But desperate mothers will resort to chocolate (or Rice Chex) in almost every circumstance, either to eat or use for coercion. 

Here's the video. Don't forget to vote (pretty please?)...

Posted on April 10, 2013 and filed under "chocolate", "diet", "pro-life".