Dressing the Baby Bump

6 months pregnant...

I've been deliberating about taking this photo for a while. Everyone seems to have photos of their baby bumps and since I tend to flee from cameras in general, I have very, very few baby belly pics. After 7 babies, I have about 5 belly photos. Not that it's that important. But as a mommy blogger, I have been feeling the pressure...

... Must get an awkward baby bump shot to share with countless strangers.

On those rare occasions when I have a camera in hand, I don't usually have my hair brushed or I'm wearing a gigantic hoodie or something. And folks have long ago given up trying to take my photo in my finer moments.

So... today I had my hair brushed for a pro-life seminar. I had a camera. I had decent lighting and a mirror. And all of my photographers were busily engaged elsewhere. Unfortunately, those factors all converged to result in my poor choice of the photo shoot location being a public bathroom. Clean and fresh smelling as it was, it still makes for an awkward shot... worthy of chuckles in future years. My husband thought it was hilarious that a toilet is actually visible in the first shot.

First shot. It's an okay shot of the tummy but I realized afterwards that it is also a great shot of bathroom stalls. Very awkward.

Getting smarter. This time I closed the stall door. Classy, no?

Then I thought... I'll use this opportunity to get a nice shot of my cool pro-life t-shirt. That was before I remembered that I was taking the photo in a mirror. Brilliant. Great tee though. Normally, you would be able to read: ABORTION IS NEVER A NECESSARY EVIL. From StandTrue.com.

This post can replace my WIWS (What I Wore Sunday) post since managing to take a pic on any given Sunday is highly unlikely and it will be some similar variation of shirt and skirt anyway...

Shirt: non-maternity tee from StandTrue.com. Very comfy, soft shirts. Excellent quality. Non sweat shop produced. $15 (purchased at a conference)
Skirt: my new favorite summer weight non-maternity maxi skirt in black. Wide waste band under belly.  So soft. $15 at BJ's
Sweater: New York and Company hand-me-down. 
Headband: Stretch lace from ebay. About $1 worth of lace stitched on my  machine.
Shoes: Grey Converse One Star from Target. I think $20 but I can't exactly recall since they were purchased last year. My style solution to bad feet.

The shoes. (I was absolutely listening to the speakers at the conference. I was simply testing out flash settings on my camera and my shoes were volunteering for the job.) Please forgive the pink socks that match nothing. The maxi skirt covered them completely most of the time.

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