How to respond to the Boston violence...

Americans are once again faced with all of the anger, grief, frustration, and helplessness that comes with the action of evil. For those of us outside of Boston who must sit and watch and pray, I suggest we get out of our chairs and get moving...

You have the opportunity to actively work for peace and love and innocence and life. Right now. Here's what you do:

1. Open your phone book or get ready to google...

2. Find the nearest abortion mill, where tiny human beings are being torn apart by American terrorists. Only evil would dismember live human children and profit from it.

3. Look up their hours. Find out from your local pro-life group when they do abortions (your 40 Days for Life will know this). They are most likely scheduled to kill children this Saturday.

4. Commit to an hour and go pray and witness with your life. Ask God to use you to rescue at least one beautiful life.

What can YOU do to combat evil and violence and hatred? You can stand up as the last line of defense for innocent children and their families. The evil of abortion has the same source as the evil present at the Boston Marathon. We pray for the victims of terror when we cannot physically assist. And we stand up against evil where we live. Christ asks for everything. Give all.

Ora et Labora. Pray and work.
Posted on April 16, 2013 and filed under "Boston", "pro-life".