It's only murder when it makes us feel bad...

I was very disturbed when I read this story about a woman who has been charged in the death of her newborn. She has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for the crime of stuffing her newly born child into a bag and leaving it to die along the roadside.

This disturbs my sensibilities as a human being for obvious reasons. But it is far more disturbing still to dwell on the fact that she was only one day too late to commit this crime legally. Come on, lady... didn't you know that you can kill your kid as long as you intend to abort? Are you an idiot or what? A day ago, you would have been elevated as a courageous pursuer of reproductive freedom! Today, you are saying goodbye to that freedom... maybe for the rest of your life.

Not too long ago there was a similar case in Canada that was dismissed by the judge. He decided that he couldn't logically prosecute the woman for killing her infant... based on the fact that abortion is legal in Canada. He was wrong to dismiss the murder charges. He was right that abortion is murder.

I read the story of the American woman in headline network news and thought the coverage sounded ridiculous. It revealed far more about the state of moral decay in our society than about the state of mind of this woman. We know all about women who don't want their babies. We have sometimes even been those women. We pity them and support them even to the door of the abortion mills. How is it that our sensibilities are so offended if she murders immediately after birth instead of directly before?

It's pure selfishness...

 Don't make us look at it or clean it up, please. We don't want to know. Body parts? Eeeew. Criminal. Repulsive. (Unless it's on CSI, of course, because we know that isn't real.) I'm horribly offended and outraged. For heaven's sake, at least she could have had a doctor tear the baby limb from limb inside her womb and then throw it in the dumpster. What is this world coming to? Making us look at and think about the dead babies. Please. 

The woman should absolutely be punished. And abortion should be illegal.

As a side note, I have noticed in the past that I would lose a follower every time I wrote about abortion. It became a joke in my household. Wrote about abortion again. Did you lose anyone? Yep. It happened every single time and only stopped very recently. I assume from that evidence thatI have lost all the very squeamish or easily offended. But if you do find it too much sometimes, I cannot promise a change. I think a lot about how so many of the German people were convinced of the worthlessness of their fellow citizens in Nazi Germany... and those who weren't but who stayed silent out of fear for their own lives. I find it horrifying that I could be one of those people. A Catholic who makes pretty cakes for feast days and stays silent about our American holocaust? No. I don't want to be that Catholic. I love crafts and food and family and all sorts of things that I do write about. But there is a burden on my heart for the children who are scheduled for execution today. And their mothers and fathers. I would be willing to lose every follower I have if it meant just one was moved to a deeper love or greater action.
Posted on April 6, 2013 and filed under "pro-life".