My Life as a Troll...

I'm not really a troll. But I was accused of being one for the very first time and blocked from commenting on a pro-abort's Pinterest board. My crime? I brought up Gosnell. I know it's a touchy subject (because it exposes the horrible truth about abortion) but it's got to be addressed... particularly when the pin on the board says something like "My heroes are abortion doctors. Every abortionist I know is saintly and perfect and loves kitty cats" (slight alteration from the original text). Seriously, something has to be said because many abortionists are not only not nice people but have criminal records (often for violence against women including rape) and previously revoked medial licenses. Many of them are also rich, white men who dislike women which doesn't seem to bother even the most radical feminist even the slightest bit. Why the double standard? My beautiful sisters deserve to know the truth and be challenged on this.

I pin a ton of pro-life stuff on Pinterest and since it is public, I am always hoping that someone who supports abortion rights will take notice and stop by for a nice chat. It has never happened yet but one never knows! So I think I can be pardoned for assuming that the passionate abortion rights advocates feel a similar way. There is an option to keep a Pinterest board private but obviously, none of the pins I've seen are private. Their pins are often incredibly inflammatory and challenging. Isn't that kind of like begging for a discussion? For example, if I see something like the following, I assume that the person wants to talk about it...

If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for it's rights?

First of all, it's a question. Silly me for assuming the pinner wants an answer, right? Secondly, the whole thing is mixed up and really begs for clarification and discussion. However, it appears that not everyone who is passionate about an issue wants to discuss it. And it appears that this question was not really supposed to be answered by anyone remotely pro-life. The purpose was solely to make like-minded people happy and bring them together in an the happy act of maligning pro-life people.

I guess if I went around looking for a fight, you could technically call me a troll. But what happens when I search for the tag "Pro-Life" is that I find a bunch of really great pro-life pins... and also a fair number of pins that say something like the following:

How can you call yourself pro-life if you let children die from lack of affordable health care?

Of course the pin is tagged something like "Pro-Life? Really?" (those question marks again) and I'm thinking that this is one of the most ignorant pro-abort arguments of all time for multiple reasons. So I answer the question. Silly me. I do it charitably, reasonably. I don't flip out on people's boards. I have a small space in which to represent myself and be a voice for the unborn, I'm not going to blow it by being a moron.

I was a little bothered by being blocked and then I thought: Oh well. Even if I get kicked off of Pinterest (which would be sad, admittedly), I still can't stay silent when I see stuff like this. I don't even speak up as often as I think I should... if one person can be moved to reevaluate her position this time, it's worth it.

I've got a pretty great pro-life board but it's sadly quiet. Based on my experience, pro-abortion activists do not like to discuss or have intellectual debates with reasonable pro-life people. They avoid it studiously. The venue they seem to prefer is holding signs at rallies or posting inflammatory slogans on Pinterest with no discussion welcomed. They prefer yelling to holding academic discussion about science and faith. They like it when pro-lifers are angry and stupid because it always makes the pro-lifer look worse to be the one losing composure... it shows hypocrisy.

I'm painting with a very broad brush, not based on what I think has to be true but what my experience shows me. If the trend starts to change, I will shout about it and thank God. Womanhood is not honored by a stubborn commitment to empty slogans.

I'm going to keep bring up Gosnell. The abortion lobby was very much rattled by the awesome Tweetfest and internet effort of groups like StandTrue over the last week. I can tell they were rattled because they are now talking about it and being forced to take a position against an abortionist. They are calling him a monster.

The problem is that Gosnell does the exact same work that other abortionists do. He was different in that he didn't clean it up, left bodies visible, was unsanitary and gross, and was so bad at doing abortions that he had to snip spines directly after birth instead of directly before. He neglected to kill the children before they were able to cry out loud. Women were killed or wounded under his care. He had multiple (and ignored) complaints filed against him but no one did a thing. It is horrific but it is NOT the exception in this industry.

So now the pro-abortion activists are forced to talk about this horrible man and his horrible mess. We are remiss if we do not use this opportunity to point out the truth: Gosnell truly IS the face of abortion.

I welcome all to my comment box unless you are unnecessarily horrible and clearly not seeking the common goal of truth and understanding. Then I'll call you a troll and block you. But all other discussion is most welcome and encouraged.

Posted on April 18, 2013 and filed under "pro-life".