Self-diagnosing with Google... and uncovering an abortion culture

I freely admit self-diagnosing via internet searches and must give credit where credit is due. I have spent far less money on doctor visits because of Google. Full disclosure reveals that I have also acquired a few gray hairs over internet misdiagnosis... but I digress. Particularly when pregnant, internet search engines are a gal's best friend.

This is my eighth pregnancy and you'd think I'd have it down pat by now, but it's funny how every new life brings so many new firsts. What is happening to my body now? is a frequent exclamation. I'm six months pregnant, have seen my midwife once (yes, she's annoyed with me), but Google... well, we meet weekly.

One unintended consequence of my searches is the revelation of a gradually emerging overt cultural acceptance of abortion. Woman don't frequently bring the topic up so casually in public, but on an anonymous internet forum, it seems that people will reveal just about anything. What I'm finding is not anything I didn't know, but it is a stronger confirmation of a degenerating moral framework.
I'll give an example:

I have a history of premature rupture, once at 33 weeks (delivered at 35) and once at around 13 weeks. The latter rupture was very small and remained for several weeks before healing on its own (thanks be to God). So I get a little nervous when I have even the hint of a symptom. I'm currently about 24 weeks along and so I searched for "premature rupture at 24 weeks."

I have read it all before but there is something comforting (and terrifying) about reading the experiences of others. Everything from "it all worked out just fine" to death of the infant and systemic maternal infection. Typical medical Googling. The difference when it comes to reading pregnancy forums is that there is always the abortion solution which is presented every couple pages or so. It's the solution to all prenatal medical ills, apparently. It goes something like this:

#1 "My doctor told me that my baby girl was probably not going to make it so he recommended an abortion. She's kicking around just fine now but since the doc seems so concerned, we're going in tomorrow to his office to go ahead with the abortion. Then we can start trying again."

#2 "OMG! That happened to me, too! It was sooo scary! But we had the abortion right away and now are pregnant again. :):):)"

#4 "I'm so sorry that happened to you. We had the same situation and it worked out fine and delivered a healthy baby boy at 34 weeks after a lot of bed rest. But I can TOTALLY understand your situation and it sounds like you did the right thing for your family.

My translation:

#1 My baby is perfectly healthy now but might die or be injured in the near future... so I'm just going to kill her to save us worry or trouble.

#2 We threw one baby out because we were scared. Now we have another one. Just like mail order!

#3 My child is living proof that your doctor didn't give you a completely fair perspective. But I fully support your right to kill your child for whatever reason you choose.

Let me clarify that we're talking about a premature rupture of membranes, not a severe disability or maternal disease/illness. Perfectly healthy babies at the time of abortion.

What mother thinks these things about her born child? And yet, we are encouraged to think of our unborn children with such callous stupidity. Aside from the grave injustice to the child, how does this honor the woman in any way? She is naturally smarter, nobler, and more loving than any fiend who advocates murder and uses his medial degree to push  it... how can we allow ourselves and our sisters to fall victim to such wickedness without a hearty fight?

At the slightest indication of the possibility of genetic flaw, many doctors will amp up the emotional capital and push "termination." And oh so many women and men fall for it without hesitation.

A friend of mine was told by her OB that her child would be horrifically ugly due to a deformation and thus, should be aborted. Her beloved child died in utero at 6 months but and is hurt to this day by the doctor's wicked and callous consideration of her son.

Sex-selective abortion is illegal but incredibly common. I have known of women who scheduled ultrasound appointments to check the sex of their baby before deciding on abortion. After having the "perfect" boy and girl combo (or whatever the preference might be), they draw a hard line against any birth which disrupts that picture. Even the sight of the beautiful, healthy unborn child does nothing to soften their hearts. I recall a recent incident when a woman saw that she was carrying another female child and immediately made an appointment to abort. Her own daughter. Tiny but fully formed. Just because she was a girl.

Pro-abortion and pro-life people both tend to focus on "crisis" pregnancies but we do neglect to point out that "crisis" is a greatly manipulated term. One woman's crisis is another woman's Google search.

Coming back to my recent searches on premature rupture at 24 weeks...
The women planning to abort were planning on delivering a child one way or another. One way would be expedient and result in certain death. The other might involve more time and struggle. Might. It also might very well involve a healthy birth.

Our cultural attachment to perpetual comfort and personal preference is killing Love. Literally. The only solution is running to the Cross of Christ, where we learn that true love cannot thrive without suffering. And where we learn about the joy that surpasses all understanding. And about Easter.

Perhaps we can all make a point today to raise our voices in some way against abortion. Step out, for even a moment, to speak to a world that gives no second thought to such injustice. If we don't speak up about it, the callous ignorance will go unchallenged. Sometimes it is enough to walk the walk... but at this juncture in history, the TALK is desperately needed as well so that people know why we walk the way we do.

Posted on April 3, 2013 and filed under "abortion", "pregnancy".