Vote for Me! (Pretty Please.)

Professor is a finalist in the Ohio Right to Life video contest. (I know I said "Vote for me" but I was writing on behalf of Professor.) The winner of the competition will be determined by the highest number of Facebook "likes" under their respective videos by the end of a week. Deadline is April 11th.
What you should do right now is this:

2. "LIKE" Professor's video. Life is Sacred: Pro-Life in Ohio
This is your actual vote. Most "LIKES" wins.
You may have to scroll down a bit to find it since it's on the timeline. He should be the first one you come to and shows him with Little Cub on his shoulders. Looks like this:
4. Leave a comment there if you feel inclined and would be so kind.
5. Share it! Spread the word!
6. Take a moment to "LIKE" Ohio Right to Life because they are very cool.

Now, because this is a blog, I feel compelled to give some background to this project. And because he's my kid, I expect that everyone will pay close attention and clap at the end (just kidding)...

We first heard about the competition last month and thought "There's plenty of time." Famous last words. Shortly after he decided to enter the contest, he also met with the director of Cleveland Right to Life to propose starting a pro-life youth arm for Cleveland. She gave him a enthusiastic green light and suggested getting started right away. I advised him to set the video project aside for two weeks to allow for focus on kicking off that project. Two weeks later, the new organization was launched at the Bringing America Back to Life Symposium...

... then he immediately got the flu. For something like 15 days.

He partially lost his voice and coughed up a lung every time he tried to speak for more than a few seconds. He slept for days and days and days. And the clock ticked and tocked. How ya feelin' son? Ready to do the video? He looked at me with listless eyes and whispered not yet... *hack*hack*hack*.Tick tock. Tick tock. Then at the 11th hour when the sun began to shine a tiny bit through the clouds...

Oh yeah. Gotta do it. We've got to be the pro-life generation! Plus the prize (ipad mini) is way cool.

The video was uploaded and entry form filled out with about 10 minutes to spare before the deadline expired. And today... he got the notice that he is one of the 3 finalists. A very nice Easter surprise. 

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