Weekend Wrap in Seven

It's Monday and I always have a ton on my mind after the weekend busy. BUT... I am determined to limit myself here. I'm going to set a timer for 7 minutes and then cut myself off. My made-up-on-the-spot rules allow me to finish my last sentence and add links and pics after the timer beeps. Hopefully, that will keep the whole thing to no more than 10 or 15 minutes.
Ready... set... go!

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The kids went to the abortion mill on Saturday morning to pray with their Dad and about 20 other teens. I was incredibly inspired by the image of so many youngsters getting up to attend 8am Mass and then standing out in the cold praying for an hour. Wow. Now if only they would clean up their rooms without threats of death or banishment I would be that much more impressed.

We held Easter this weekend since a bunch of people were still quarantined on Easter Sunday. I keep looking around at all the bags and bowls of candy and wondering how it is that my idea of a moderate amount of candy is so vastly different from a grandparent's idea of moderate. It's like Willy Wonka's place around here and I think I'm going to have to put it all under lock and key! The kids will surely eat themselves into a stupor if I don't.

My diet is undergoing some pregnancy revisions. I've been making extra allowances and indulging some cravings. But I have to tell you that it's not making me feel better, it's just relieving temporary cravings. The two are not really the same thing. The one thing that I have not budged on at all is wheat. It just isn't worth it. And on the whole, I am pretty faithful to my original plan.

Professor and Cookie have been playing a little volleyball again. Not the crazy, all-consuming, success driven kind of sports involvement that they used to do but just enough to burn off some stress and energy. (Very good idea for boys in particular, I think) Professor is playing on the local high school team. Chief is coaching. And Cookie gets to fill in at practice. On the whole, it has produced a healthier outlook and body for both. The Winter's are soooo long here. This activity has been a helpful physical outlet and after a few more weeks... it's over.

Time's up. :) But I'm going to throw in a final plea for readers to pray for Jennifer Fulweiler as she delivers her baby today. Her faithful outlook through the health challenges and sufferings during this pregnancy have put my whiny self to shame. May God continue to bless and protect her and her family.
Posted on April 8, 2013 and filed under "family life".