WIWS and Easter details...

This is the first time I've participated in What I Wore Sunday because I am simply never motivated enough to get a photo of myself. Fortunately for the blogging world, Cookie took a photo of the Chief and me after our Easter Vigil. I'm sure the WIWS community is now complete. The world has seen my yellow dress. (Please do not pay attention to the fact that the Chief is not wearing a tie. At the last moment, he elected not to and regretted it when we pulled out the camera. But he does usually wear a tie to Easter Mass... and maybe Christmas. And that's about it.)

I'm wearing:

 *non-maternity jersey knit maxi from Target. Online clearance plus free shipping. $6
Incidentally, if I had a profile shot, you'd see that I look like a giant yellow Easter egg. My husband told me I  looked lovely but he did not deny the obvious similarity with the traditional Easter decoration.
*maternity tank from Old Navy. Modesty essential. $5 on sale
 *Brand new white shrug from BJ's (because surprisingly, I didn't already have one). $10
J41 sandals. Bestest most comfortable wedges ever. Original price about $100. Bought on super sale for $29.99. Several years old and showing it but I think I'll wear them until they fall apart.
*Freshwater pearl and crystal necklace from a friend on Etsy. 
*Cubic zirconia studs that I wear almost perpetually. A gift from the Chief to replace the REAL diamond earrings from him that I lost.
*Wide stretch lace headband. Same quality lace as the ones sold on Etsy for $20 or more. I drooled over them for months until I finally decided to do it myself. One yard of lace makes 2-3 headbands. It works out to $1-$2 per headband. 
(Now, I wasn't intending to wear this but the truth is that everyone in my family was able to take a pre-liturgy shower... except for me. I ran out of time. I was not dirty but my hair was less than sparkling. Gotta love headbands.)

The boys did a fantastic job serving. Crash (pictured left) only a fidgeted occasionally and I had great compassion on him since the liturgy was unusually long. Every mortal boy has his limits. His are slightly narrower than average. Isn't our parish church lovely? I am still astonished that our high altar made it intact through the 1970's. Professor says that if he is ever ordained, he would love the opportunity to celebrate the TLM there.

Another blurry and poorly angled shot of the beautiful church and handsome altar boys. I was feeling so guilty about taking pictures during mass that I lacked artistic confidence. Professor was MC for the first time and even after spending a good portion of the Triduum involved in some sort of liturgy or planning, he was reluctant to leave after the Easter Vigil. Our deepest gratitude to Father for being such an encouragement and inspiration to the boys!

With Cookie in the choir loft with the schola and the boys scattered with serving duties, we didn't end up organizing a family shot, but these three posed perfectly for me. It is a strange feeling having our pew so empty with just these three for company. Lots of elbow room though. :)

I never did get the flu but everyone else did and it kept us from an extended family gathering on Easter Sunday. It was still a very nice day. Relaxed and together. After such a long and exhausting month of busyness and sickness, I was actually somewhat glad to postpone bigger festivities. 

We usually color our eggs on Holy Saturday but the kids elected to wait (to "extend the festivities") and we did them today, Easter Monday. I love the pretty wraps from BestPysanky. We have used their icon and Scripture wraps in the past and added flowers and toddler images this year. 

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