Mrs. Crabby Pants Learns to Smile

I am a lightweight when it comes to suffering. And I'm a complete ninny when it comes to fatigue and/or headaches. My relatively high tolerance for screeching children (my own, not other people's) is obliterated in the face of physical discomfort and I start to frown and act... oldish (in a stereotypically bad way).

So I was a little crabby on Mother's Day. Ironic. But since I had been to Confession (the ultra super duper virtue booster) only the day before, I just took things slowly and did all right in the end. I realized quickly that if I opened my mouth at all it would likely be to yell... so I tried to keep it shut, more or less. I determined not to care if we were late for anything and instead of running my pregnant self hither thither... I tried to walk nobly. And the most impressive moment of all came when the guitar choir at mass decided that Mother's Day must be the day to sing Glory and Praise... and I tried not to grind my teeth. I just breathed deeply and prayed on. (Almost miraculous, really, because some distractions are that hard for me to ignore.)

So Mother's Day 2013 has been a whole lot like the entirety of my motherhood: failing, falling, and getting back up, one little step at a time, just in time to catch a glimpse of grace outpoured and my Jesus standing in the gap. By the time we reached the end of the day, I was feeling pretty darn okay. Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Good food. Good people. An actual photograph for What I Wore Sunday (which is still on my husband's phone unfortunately). The most beautiful family I could ask for. And a moment to sit and think and type and reflect.

Interesting Mother's Day moments and thoughts:

My Antique Family
* The woman in front of us during mass remarked that we reminded her of "older times." This is something worth reflecting on because we definitely dress in a modern fashion so her meaning wasn't immediately obvious. I tucked this away in my brain to think on later. She meant it in an absolutely complimentary way and I was grateful that she took the time to tell us, whatever she meant by it.

My Unromantic Husband
* My husband proclaimed himself "unromantic" because he presented me with what he called "pots and pans and a diet book." What he really bought me were two very nice cast iron pans which were on my wish list and a copy of The Wheat Belly Cookbook for my Kindle (I have been hoarding the library version for many weeks). He imagines that "romance" doesn't include the practical but perhaps he doesn't fully realize how touching and truly "romantic" it is to have a man who is attentive to my needs and my personality. Talk about sweeping a gal off her feet!
My very romantic cast iron pan

A Gift of the Holy Spirit
* There was a moment today when I awakened to the needs of one of my children. What a blessing such moments are. The child is fun and funny and often speaks before thinking. Consequently, jokes at this young person's expense are easy and honestly, simply hilarious. But I had a sense that the trust the child has in others was beginning to falter as a result of the repeated fun. It's time to be attentive and start to help rebuild confidence.

My eBay Cash
* I earned $40 for school books today with sales on ebay. I go in spurts and recently listed a bunch with an eye to making some extra purchases for our homeschool. It is a great feeling to get unused stuff out of my house while helping to provide for the year. It's only a little but it really is a good feeling.

One Last Random Thought
* I am far from being a perfect wife and mother. I fail far more often than I succeed. However, it did just occur to me that there is one terrible and rather common offense committed by wives that I have never, ever done: I have never used my husband's razor to shave my legs. Ever. I am pretty sure that is how I merited cast iron pans.

Posted on May 13, 2013 and filed under "Mother's Day".