Pro-Aborts Don't Know How to Handle Lila Rose

Tamara Holder from Fox News was completely flustered by Lila Rose on Hannity. Scratch that. Holder was flustered not by Lila Rose but by the incontrovertible evidence mounting against the abortion industry. She was so angry and emotional that she did not seem to be able to focus or respond to direct questions or statements. She attacked Lila instead of engaging in the discussion. My heart goes out to her. This is not an easy reality. Abortion is grim and it touches all of us in one way or another.

But Lila does rock this interview. And more than that, her courageous undercover work really speaks for itself. Kudos to these abortion workers for being real with their clients. How can they really complain about this? Don't we all agree that women deserve the truth when it comes to their personal medical care? Pro-aborts are out of line in being angry with methods that reveal an honest approach. Would we rather have our doctors lie to us? The truth, once again, is that when abortion is exposed to the light, it outrages and shames. That's the only possible reason they would want to suppress Lila's work.

Check out this video and give your support to Lila by passing it on and also sharing her YouTube page which is full of her unedited undercover videos: Live Action Films

Cookie, Rebecca Kiessling, Lila Rose, Bryan Kemper, Professor

If you don't know the three pro-life heroes in the middle of this photo, get to know them! They all have fantastic websites, are on Facebook and Twitter... follow them! Start Googling! These are three people at the heart of a lot of pro-life action and we need to support them and watch what they are doing. And we need to pray for them.

Posted on May 1, 2013 and filed under "lila rose", "pro-life".