The Spiritual Peril of Blogging...

I enjoy reading blogs the same way that I enjoy having good conversation with friends. I like to challenge and be challenged and explore all sides of life seeking what it good and true and useful (and all too often, just reading with unabashed curiosity). When I read a thoughtful blog post, my heart and brain are stimulated and I find a great opportunity to grow and learn. Consequently, I was a bit thrown this morning when my husband uttered the words...

"That's the problem with blogging."

As if there could be a problem with blogging.

I had been sharing a post with him that I had found a little troubling, and he, instead of immediately engaging in related discussion or at least pretending to listen while nodding his head, issued a criticism of blogging in general. I immediately stiffened and waited with narrowed eyes to hear what he could possibly have to say against one of my favorite pastimes.

What is the problem with blogging? I asked.

"It is a problem when people are frequently teaching their opinions as fact."

Bloggers are not teaching. They're just giving their opinions!

"They most certainly are teaching others by the very fact that they are presenting something to others as fact. And since when is sharing our opinions with others always justified when we are not properly formed or informed? Whether we are blogging or just talking to another person, we will ultimately be held accountable for those positions and the consequences of teaching them. If, through blogging, some Catholic mom blogger out there convinces another person to think incorrectly, she will be held accountable someday."

Ach. This man is always challenging me. Now, blogging isn't just blogging. It is actually something we will be held responsible for! Imagine that.

Thank you, Chief, for the reminder today that those of us who blog frequently are in similar spiritual peril to those of us who have "the gift of gab" (sometimes we are one and the same). Our danger lies in the fact that there are probably a good many times when we are simply better off just keeping silence.

*N.B. All words attributed to my husband are actually a lame representation of what he actually said. He's much more articulate than I and, as a result, I can rarely quote him accurately. 

The Spiritual Peril of Blogging: Part 2
Posted on May 28, 2013 .