We're Back on Etsy...

It's been a very long time since we've listed anything on Etsy but we're back on with a brand new shop. It was a birthday gift to Cookie last year and the plan is to teach her the ins and outs of creating, selling, and shipping over time so that she is proficient by the time she leaves home. Cookie and I have so many projects on our to-do list and a lovely stock of items from this year's craft show. It all comes down to TIME. It takes time to list and we keep putting it off. But I am very pleased to introduce our collaborative effort... Rose & Willow.

The shop's shelves are a bit sparse but we decided to just begin rather than waiting to be perfect all at once. :) I have been on  Etsy with various shops for over 5 years and have done well enough. However, most of my business has been via local repeat customers from shows and some consignment. But I do love being a part of Etsy because it allows us to reach like-minded customers all over the world.

I sold this little guy on Etsy (dry needle felted) to a customer in New Zealand a couple of Easters ago.

Our first listings in the new shop are for handmade laundry soap. We have been using this (and selling it locally) for over a year and I no longer get terrible headaches and congestion when I do laundry. I used to use All Free and Clear but I still suffered. Our handmade laundry soap is tough enough for all of our family laundry with no airborne chemical fumes or skin irritants. The only softener I use is vinegar. I add it to the rinse, the clothes are soft, and it eliminates the need for dryer sheets. Details about ingredients and detailed directions for use can be found in the listings.

I strongly encourage my readers to explore healthy detergent options. I encourage you to try making your own (there are about a billion different recipes out there... check Pinterest!) But if you are not a do-it-yourselfer or just want to try it out to see if it's worth your time... we'll be happy to sell you some. :)

We were motivated to finally open our doors after a repeat local customer purchased 11 pounds of lavender laundry soap from us. I thought: What are we waiting for? We know it's good stuff. Let's get out the camera and start listing! So here we are.

Questions about the product or purchasing in larger quantities? Feel free to contact me through Etsy or email.

"Wrapped Up in a Good Book"
This Minky blankie set (sold on Etsy) now lives in Alaska in a book-loving household.

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