7 Quick Takes Friday: On Storks and Xanax


I tried turning off the comment word verification because I know it is a pain in the neck for commenting readers. Unfortunately, I was immediately flooded with pages of spam. I'm so sorry but I just had to turn it back on. All those comments offering me Xanax were making me anxious.


I've been preparing for labor. Okay, I have not been preparing for labor at all. No thinking = no anxiety. It doesn't help that my smaller children are pre-occupied with how the baby is going to get out of my tummy. I really don't want to talk about it, kids. Even if you were old enough, I still don't want to talk about it. Wait a minute... here... I have an actual photograph of what happens when it is time for the baby to arrive... let me pull it up on the computer for you...

The stork delivering a baby. Of course. In this digital world, it's about time someone captured it on camera.


Professor pointed out recently that this baby will be our first child born entirely wheat free. And as long as she nurses without supplements, she will remain wheat free. This was an astonishing thought; That my dietary changes would have such a direct impact on the life of another. I started to think about all of her first first foods and the emergency baggies of fish crackers that I am wont to carry. What should I do? How will her body react to the very first morsel of wheat that crosses her lips? I simply hadn't given it any previous thought and now I'm faced with something that feels to me a bit like a moral dilemma. If it wasn't for the convenience factor, I would be strongly inclined to keep her wheat-free. Hmmm... this will require some deep thinking over the next year or so. Or perhaps it will be resolved the very first time she throws a fit in church and I happen to have a cracker handy...

Please stop screaming, honey... have a cookie?


Speaking of wheat-free and the Professor, he has lost 16 pounds since taking wheat out of his diet. He still eats a ton of food but the weight came off without any effort or intent to "diet." He feels terrific. His stomach issues have resolved. I can't help but wonder if dietary factors were behind his severe reflux as a little one. When I say "severe," I mean vomiting up whole meals until he was six years old. We were first time parents, it never occurred to us that it might have been diet related.


I finally have Blossoming Joy on Facebook and it's rather nice. I never thought I'd say that. I've detailed my previous experiences with Facebook conundrum before and I've taken a rather lengthy period of time to think on it. But it seems to be working out. If you're on there, definitely look me up!


In spite of the fact that I have had articles published online a number of times in the recent past, yesterday's posting at Catholic Exchange made me inordinately happy. I received a very positive response and the fact is, I absolutely love helping people to embrace a homeschooling way of life. I am not an expert homeschooler. I do not find this way of life easy. I am not the best person to ask about the nitty gritty of "how to"... but I am whole-heartedly devoted to the notion that God has equipped parents to raise and educate our kids. It was a huge blessing to be able to give a shout out to a beautiful way of life and have people's hearts respond. Thank you, Jesus!

Dance Like David: Homeschooling Without Fear


Sewing. I really have the itch and about a million lovely projects I would love to start. The problem is that there are rather too many other things to do and I keep dropping the sewing down to the bottom of the priority list. It belongs there because we do need to finish our torn up house (we did paint the subflooring to make it a little nicer while we line up handy help) and meals do need to be made and children washed... and I have no energy. On my sewing to-do list:

If I had the time, I would make the baby a hundred of these. So sweet and easy. Time to go garage saleing to find some vintage pillow cases...

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