7 Quick Takes: Fruitfully Busy

I just love feeling fruitfully busy. Not "taxi driver" busy or "frantically busy" but fruitfully busy. As in, knowing that our calendar is full of activities that fall into step with the good work to which God has called us. I don't claim to know the detailed will of God for my family, but I get the big picture: Sanctity. Burning love for the heart of Christ and for His people.

I failed in many ways this week in the big and small details (Lord, have mercy!)... but when I look at our calendar, my conscience is clear. God, family, works of mercy, holy friendship.

I write about it not to boast, but to give glory to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus on this beautiful solemnity. To thank Him for the grace to persevere and find the beautiful and good in a fallen world.

If you live in Ohio, please pass on this information to all pro-life teens (12-18) you know. Professor just kicked off a Summer Pro-Life Photo Contest for the youth arm of the Cleveland Right to Life. If you've got a camera and a pro-life message to share, this should be a piece of cake.

Why? Because the work of Life and Love never takes a vacation!
As pro-lifers, we just take our work with us wherever we go!

Last night marked Professor's radio debut. He was invited to be interviewed on From the Median with Molly Smith and had far too much fun. So much so that he can't wait to go back. Now, if it were me, I would be a big ball of stress and end up saying something like: Wow, that was great... I'm so glad it's over. Another moment in motherhood when I wonder if this child is really mine or perhaps secretly switched at birth. 

The radio program is quite good and features pro-life speakers and activists from all over the country. If you don't live in Cleveland, you should still be able to access the archives. http://www.fromthemedian.org/

If you haven't taken your priests out for ice cream yet this year, I highly recommend it. I don't know if they think we're just being nice but it's really just selfishly motivated. If you want to be a good, holy, smart, and fantastic person... then you've got to hang out with good, holy, smart, and fantastic people. If you want your kids to be good, holy, smart, fantastic people... yeah, yeah... you get it. It is human nature to tend to become like our friends. So go find some good priests to adopt. :)

You know what the bonus prize is? You'll really grow to love your spiritual fathers who are also so often the best of men. In the greatest relationships, the root is always Jesus. Trust me, these guys will work their way into your hearts with no effort at all.

And don't forget to get yourself invited to their fire pit... seriously...

Professor and Cookie are officially on the parish cantor schedule. Professor is less nervous since he's a bit of a natural in public. Cookie is having panic attacks. Interiorly anyway. She's actually pretty tough. I told her to pretend she's on the blocks ready to race or at the end line ready to serve an ace. She is excellent under pressure in those venues so she just has to learn how to translate that to a different action. 

I told her to forget about us and just sing for Jesus. He's already heard every note she's ever sung anyway and He happens to be her biggest fan. :)


We're famous! Not really. But we did manage to get invited to a commercial shoot and make a brief appearance in a Cracker Jack's commercial. My brother runs a fantastic video production company and his team happened to need some little bodies. Turns out my small children are very mediocre actors. It was freezing cold and they were supposed to act like it wasn't... which they were only partially successful in doing. 

The whole thing was great fun though and I highly recommend their work. A truly professional and creative team. They do amazing wedding work as well... check out their beautiful website at Sway Cinema.

Our parish is hosting a big homeschool conference this weekend and if I can find the energy to go, I'll be there. I should go to listen to the speakers but I think it more likely that I'll just go to shop. Not that I don't need a pep talk but my pregnant brain says "I'll get back to you after I have the baby... all systems diverted to growing little people." 

I already love homeschooling and have pretty much identified our weakest and strongest points. What I most need to work on is just putting into place the virtue and sanctity part. So, I'll shop only and listen to edifying CD's at home while I lie on the couch. That position seems to be particularly advantageous to absorption at this point in my journey.

Professor had his first day of "work" this week. I put "work" in quotations because it is questionable whether refereeing his sport of choice in beautiful weather surrounded by friendly people doesn't fall more on the side of "fun"... particularly when he's paid to do it. 

Cookie went along for the ride in case any of the girls teams needed a sub and she ended up being invited to play permanently. The Chief will be available as a referee sub and I'll bring the kids up occasionally to play in the sand until it has covered every square inch of their little selves. 

I really love my family. Not only do I love them... but I like them a whole lot, too.

Two years ago... same sand, smaller kids.

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Posted on June 7, 2013 .