7QT: Goodbye Reader, Hello Birthday Boy

I trust that you have all prepared for the demise of Google Reader. I have but I'm still a little pouty about it. There are a few ways to stay connected to your favorite blogs. I'm not familiar with all of them but I have signed up with Bloglovin and started a Blossoming Joy page on Facebook. You can also follow via email or RSS. It's all somewhere over in my right sidebar.


Today is the Chief's birthday and I've been afflicted with the weepies as I sit and ponder the blessing he has been in my life. My little Jellybean keeps asking me why I am so sad and nothing I say is convincing her that I'm not. I know it's pregnancy hormones but so much more... tears can be a beautiful gift and I'll take them in this moment. 

To the Chief...

Happy birthday to my husband and soulmate! Your life has blessed me, changed me, given me wings. God has used you, your past and present, to pour out grace and mercy upon me so that I would be free to love and to receive His Divine Love. 

Remember when you were at Miami and He moved through your life with power and purpose? And you sang and loved and grew? He was forming you for Himself and for us, for your family, so that you could guide our hearts and feet. My gratitude is profound.

Greg Schlueter posted this today for his own reasons and I am linking it for mine. Remember those times with your long blonde hair and how God moved through your life like a tidal wave of grace? Preparing you for eternity... and this moment. Preparing you for me and your family. Your memories are mine because they have formed me and freed me. I hear this song on many levels. I hear it from Luke's voice singing for his sister. And I hear your voice in the background, but louder to my ears than the others... like the first time I heard you sing and you stole my heart. 

Those moments are not just in the past. They are a part of us and our formation to His Sacred Heart. I treasure every moment of your life. Will you bring out the guitar today and sing for us... with us? 


It's anything goes time with pregnancy. I am now in the final stretch and I'm feeling it. So I lay down when I want to lay down and eat when I want to eat. And sometimes I don't know what to do with myself so I just rest and eat more. Yes, I'm now ready for the scary and excruciatingly painful experience of childbirth. I definitely want to hold my baby... but it will also be lovely to simply not be pregnant.


The most unusual and unexpected Dr. Seuss book ever. Thidwick is a kindhearted moose whose goodwill is taken advantage of by all the critters of the forest. They turn into terrible pests and their selfishness puts Thidwick's life in danger... until... he finds a way to get rid of them. And then guess what happens? They all DIE.

The first time I read it to Cub I sat in astonished silence. On the last page, there are all the dead critters on someone's trophy wall and on one of the trophies is written "Veritas."

Maybe I'm over thinking this but Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose is clearly not your typical modern nursery story.

My teenage daughter is a haggler. I added to our stash of pink baby clothes today by hitting a couple garage sales that advertised such things. I rarely haggle over yard sale items and either pay what is asked or leave it on the table. Cookie, on the other hand, is tough as nails. She ordered me to hand over my items and then went to the table to make an offer to the ladies hosting the sale. No problem. They even threw in some hats for free. At the second sale, she only managed to score a 25 cent discount and came away from the place shaking her head: "The really old ladies are the hardest to work with. I don't know why, but they don't tend to take it very well when a person tries to make a deal."

My sister-in-law dropped off a full meal for us this evening which meant I didn't have to even think about dinner. It was such a blessing and was even entirely wheat free! This is the second time that someone has provided a pre-baby meal for us over the years and it is a great thing to do for a pregnant mom. First and third trimesters can be tough. People always think of bringing meals to new mamas... but throwing up mamas or too tired to stand in front of the stove preggo mamas will really appreciate the effort, too!

Speaking of meal planning... my husband is frequently confounded by my lack of skill in this area. I have been particularly remiss lately as I struggle just to stay out of bed and keep myself fed. If I cook lunch, cooking dinner as well seems a bit much to ask at times.

We were walking through Walmart one night looking for a last minute meal for the hungry kids at home. We'd been there for at least 15 minutes and I was still clueless. I was not feeling a connection with anything edible and my complete apathy began to concern my dear husband. He could not understand what it was about dinner that threw me off so badly. After all, dinner happens every day at approximately the same time. I didn't know what to tell him. A few minutes later...

"You know," he said, "I've been thinking of calling up Pat Madrid lately... I've got an idea I'd like to pitch to him."

Really? I replied. That's great. What kind of idea?

"Well, I thought of an idea for a show that he could use on EWTN... sort of build off of the work he's already done with Surprised by Truth."

Well? What is it?

"It would be called SURPRISED BY DINNER."

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