Back From Vacation... Ready to Have a Baby...

Annual Parent-Teacher Conference. All is well. Carry on.

I'm tired. But I've never been 9 months pregnant and gone on vacation with my family before. This is a new and special kind of tired. The kind where I sign onto my blog account, type two lines, and immediately have the urge to lie down on the floor and go to sleep.

We went to Virginia... which means that we were surrounded by incredible picturesque beauty at every moment, but also that there isn't an inch of flat land to be found. I was either climbing mountainous-like terrain or descending it. My constant internal monologue went something like this:

Breathe. Walk. One step at a time. Hoo. Ha. Ooh. Breathe. Slow and steady. Don't have a baby.

Someone would turn around once in a while and ask how I was doing...

Good. Good. Yup.

There is no question that the trip was entirely worth it. We all had a great time. And when we finally hit the Ohio turnpike on the way home, I did a mental fist pump into the air in triumph. I felt a huge sense of personal accomplishment. It was a little like labor and childbirth... completely worth it but it takes a good deal of endurance and pain management.

Would I go on another vacation this late in pregnancy? Never say never. But I'm in a "no" moment. I need a vacation to rest up from my vacation.

I don't have the energy to organize my photos yet so I'll just post a couple. The first is one I just had to get. Since I have already posted one very awkward public bathroom belly bump shot this pregnancy, I thought it wouldn't be so weird to get another. In fact, it made tremendous sense at the time. 36 weeks...

The above picture was taken in a public restroom about 5 minutes off the Appalachian Trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a campsite bathroom and impressively clean. I could have scrawled "Melody and baby were here" on the pristine wall. Instead, I took the photo.

My handsome singing cowboy driving the crew through Virginia. 

Little Cub checking out the view. This kid is so happy. He thinks the world is just so wonderful. Terrible Two's? What's that? This has got to be my favorite age... and this guy is particularly charming.

I have a bunch more to share, including a wonderful side trip to Christendom College... but it's time for my 5th nap of the day. I had contractions going on steadily all night, 10 minutes apart and I'm just trying to rest and not to panic about having nothing at all prepared for this little gal's arrival. I'm convinced that the reason my labor and deliveries are so fast is because I actually labor for a month ahead of time. I've only been early once... a little early this time would be lovely.

Vacation Dietary Notes:
Eating on the road is tough. I didn't do as well as I hoped but better than I suspected. It helped tremendously that most of our meals were prepared in our beautiful mountain "cabin" complete with fridge, stove, and grill.  It also helped to have family members there who did a ton of cooking while I rested. I do not ever splurge on wheat. I find it easier to fast than to cheat since the effects are so miserable. What I did allow more than the usual allotment of was processed sugar. Nothing terrible but enough to get my sweet tooth reactivated in earnest. No big deal. Pretty soon, I'll be eating for one again and will find myself a bit easier to feed.

First load of baby girl clothes are in the wash. But why are they all stained yellow? They were definitely washed before going into the attic and did not look like that. It is a great mystery. We'll see how they turn out... if not so good then it's a lovely excuse to go garage sale hunting later in the week!

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