Our Young Ladies: Theme Thursday

This is my first link-up with Clan Donaldson and Theme Thursday. I have been admiring for a while but this time, I could not resist the theme of "Girls." (Please see note at the bottom of this post explaining why I changed this in the post title.) I decided to join in first, because I actually have a current pic of all three girls together (minus the one still in the womb) from earlier this week. Secondly, I know girls. I am a girl. This is my comfort zone. I adore my boys but they are something like marvelous Martians to me. 

So, I bring you my girls...

Cookie is now 13 and even though folks say that teen girls are more difficult than boys, I haven't seen it yet. I would say that my 15 year old male is more of a handful. Come to think of it though, he was an angel at age 13... so maybe I really haven't seen "teenage girl" in earnest yet.

Even in her rough moments, however, I understand her. If she cries for no reason at all... I get that. I don't always understand why she says or does things, but I always understand what it feels like to be a female. She sees beautiful things that the boys miss. She is drawn to babies with powerful girl magnets. I even understand her feisty spirit and her competitive drive. She's tough... but all girl.

Boys are just beautifully strange. That's all I've got to say about it. Consequently, the only boys allowed around my girls are family members. I've ordered burkas. I'm researching guard dogs.

Button is 8 and the sweetest little roughneck in town. She shadows her brother, Crash, and has learned how to be a dirt-loving maniac pretty well. But she always returns to her pretty dresses and dolls. And in spite of her toughness, she has the most tender little heart ever. I will be fortunate if I am able to wrestle our newest baby from her motherly grasp on occasion! She wants to be a mommy more than anything but still loves the beauty of a veiled sister.

Jellybean is... she's just something else. She sings her way through life and has the highest pitch of any living being that ever whined. She was so incredibly darling as a baby that I'm afraid we spoiled her and created a little diva. But her passion is something so enjoyable to me as a mother that I reluctantly temper it. We'll see how that approach pans out when she's a teenager. *sigh*

N.B. I took the liberty of changing the theme title from "girls" to "young ladies" in my subject field. My apologies to Clan Donaldson... but I had an idea that I would definitely attract an unhealthy portion of internet scoundrels with the official theme title. You should see the kind of nasty minds I have attracted from a post with the words "baby doll" in it. No thank you.

Posted on June 6, 2013 .