What I Wore Sunday: 33 Weeks

At some point in the last two weeks, Baby Girl decided to significantly increase the dimensions of her living space. Yes, yes...ha, ha... I did eat a watermelon seed when I was a little girl (elderly ladies love to make this joke). Here are my What I Wore Sunday pictures to prove it...

Dress: Cotton Trapeze sun dress found on Etsy. It is non-maternity but clearly has no trouble containing the belly. I wish the photo showed the embroidered second layer more clearly. I'd like to make something like this for the little girls and perhaps let them do their own fun embroidery on the bottom layer.

Sweater: Old Navy

Tank: Maternity tank from Gap. 

Shoes: Clarks Ballet Slipper Flats. Most comfy flats ever but I haven't been able to wear them since I broke my toe. In fact, I thought I was fine at the beginning of the day but ended up walking to our car after church sans shoes... with a bright red toe. :(

Bling: My simple everyday silver Miraculous Medal. Silver hoops. 

Hair: French braid and hair flower. Incidentally, I often sell these flowers at craft shows and giggle with delight when I have some left over. Cookie and I are always raiding our show stash to find something to match our outfits. :)

Button, Jellybean, and Cub ready for Mass. With the exception of the girls' shoes and Button's sweater, everything worn here was either gifted, thrifted, or handed down. I don't prefer to dress Cub so casually for Mass but I'll tell you a secret... I am a little behind on laundry and Sunday morning is not a good time to catch up.

Crash is in his usual serving blacks. It drives him crazy to have colored shirts stick up over his black cassock so he convinced us to buy him a black polo. I remember the day I finally agreed. It was the day that he exited the sacristy with pieces of duct tape all over his chest and shirt... his effort to keep his orange collar down! He was mortified when he discovered that he had forgotten to dispose of the evidence but it ended up working out for him in the end.

I don't know what Professor wore underneath his cassock and surplice but I have a pic of his liturgical finery. He's right behind Father in this photo at our Corpus Christi benediction. I find it humorous that he looks upon anything with lace as absolutely offensive to masculinity UNLESS it has to do with liturgy. Then he will wear it with enthusiasm because he sees it as enhancing the beauty of the liturgical feast.

Cookie is all the way on the right in a white dress with pink and black floral print. She is singing with the schola. 

With the boys serving and Cookie singing, I felt like we were a small, young family again sitting in the pew. Mixed emotions there.

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