WIWS: Dressing the 34-Week Bump

I did manage to get another WIWS pic this week. Yes, it's the same dress I wore last week just in a different color with different accessories. However, I did add text so should get some points for effort in that corner.

Dress: Non-maternity trapeze sundress from Etsy. Yes, same as last week, different color. My justification for buying two is that it is non-maternity. Other than that, it was just a major splurge on a dress I really like.
Tank: Gap maternity cami
Sweater: Loft. Hand-me-down. I cut the ties off and it serves me well. The fact that I own a Loft cardi that I didn't spend a dime for makes me feel better about the dress purchase.
Shoes: Well-loved J-41 heel wedges.
Hair:  Stretch lace headband made by me.

I am so grateful that my current maternity fashion practices are completely different from my first pregnancies. I have nothing left from that terribly ugly time. And the clothes weren't even comfortable... they were horrid. Bad fabric, bad fit, stiff elastic. Bleh. Things have improved in the industry but also with my maturing fashion sense. Maturing in the sense that I now understand that the fact that I'm pregnant does not mean I am required to only wear maternity clothes.

Other than those random thoughts on fashion, I have been thinking a lot about the third trimester. Specifically, I have been musing on the fact that God surely designed the final leg of the race to give mamas a strong desire to make an end to it. If that means a painful and grueling labor, so be it. Whatever. We'll take it.

I'm not sleeping at night and yet am hardly able to stay awake during the day. I can no longer paint my toenails (thank heaven for teenage daughters) or tie shoes without some comedic theatrics. I take more bathroom breaks than my potty training toddler. My appetite is increasing while at the same time, my stomach loses real estate to the baby. And my sunshiney personality has been replaced by something else, causing me to spout things like "Don't even talk to me unless you've been pregnant at least once!" 

And I'm starting to get whiny with 6 whole weeks left to go. So here's my plan...

1. I clearly need more rest than I used to at this stage in pregnancy, and per Lena's advice, I'm going to do my best to honor the needs of my body.

2. I am going to continue reading blogs like Caitlin's and drink in the unadulterated joy she expresses when she writes about her pregnancy. If you haven't read her pregnancy announcement, you must. She is so full of expectant joy that it is practically 3D.

3. I am going to continue to submit my deficiencies to the good Lord and trust that He will provide where I lack. After 16 years of mothering, I get it. I'm not in charge. Thank God.

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