Anti-Nesting and How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

I originally began this post by calling my perpetual state of household fiddling by the lovely term of "nesting"... however, honesty requires me to call it what it really is: panic.

Nesting is something sweet and domestic. It involves preparing the home for the arrival of the newest blessing. Me? Not nesting. I'm waddling from room to room wringing my hands, frantically pulling stuff out of closets, and increasing my blood pressure.

Case in point:

Last week, I finally had someone get the baby clothes out of the attic for me. This necessarily involves a tremendous amount of washing and sorting and folding. During the process, I remembered that I had a few baby blankets hanging out in our linen closet and sought them out so that I could add them to the laundry pile. While in the linen closet, I realized that the children (to whom I have delegated many laundry related duties) have been stuffing things into the closet instead of neatly folding and stacking. The only solution to the problem was to pull every last item out of that big closet and march it all down to the laundry room.

One might argue that this was a silly thing to do seeing as how everything in the closet was already clean and only needed to be refolded. But I'm sure it all smelled a little dusty and I argued that if I could get everything folded asap coming out of the dryer (ha!) then nothing would be wrinkled.

That was last week. I still can't see my couch.

So today is deal-with-it-day and that couch is getting cleared off. That means folding a mountain of fitted sheets. Which also means that I nearly abandoned my resolve. Almost. Instead, I turned to YouTube with the hope of finding a domestic genius who could teach me how to neatly fold a fitted sheet.

I am pleased to announce that I have now earned the Domestic Diva Merit Badge in fitted sheet folding. If you have not already mastered this art, please see below...

While on YouTube, you might be tempted to watch other videos of the same kind with the goal of perfectly understanding the process. If you do so, I advise you to avoid the Martha Stewart video. It's ridiculous and confusing.

This post is dedicated to Tracy and Brandon Thomas who are expecting their third little man any day...

Tracy - If Brandon doesn't already know how to do this, please ask him to watch the video. Once the baby arrives, he can fold sheets for you while you sip the smoothies that he will certainly make for you.

Brandon - You were the first person I thought of when I found this. And I freely admit that I still don't know how to fold t-shirts. I figure that I have 3 years before Professor leaves the nest and I have to learn. :)
Posted on July 1, 2013 and filed under "domestic arts", "family life", "fitted sheets", "nesting".