Five Favorites: New Mama Essentials

With Peaches almost a full week old, I'm feeling everything that goes with being a new mom. Many beautiful moments and some... not so much. It's the perfect time to post a Five Favorites devoted to new mama happy things...


Mineral Eye Shadow by MumMumsCrafts - Honey

New make-up. I'm not big into make-up and I'm not even confident that I know what to do with it on the rare occasions that I do buy it. Up until a few years ago, I always had a very negative skin reaction to any kind of make-up I tried at all. This made the process that much more confusing for me. It was a happy day when I discovered Mum Mum's Crafts on Etsy. Lucy is a Christian mama who runs a small business from home. She also handcrafts the only make-up I've ever used that doesn't hurt my skin.

I definitely recommend her mineral make-up and skin care products, particularly for those who are sensitive. She also just introduced liquid foundation which I am eager to try. Actually, my order is in... I think I was the first one in line. :) I'm needing a little something to enhance the deathly pallor that comes with the barely sleeping mama mode. Eventually, I will be required to leave my dwelling and meet with other human life again.


Older children. Oh, happy, happy moment when I realized that there are many willing hands to hold my newborn baby while I take showers and eat meals. I have done this on my own many times. "On my own" meaning that I had to figure out how to do pretty much everything from laundry to showering while also caring for my babies. All you mamas know what I mean... ever tried to bring a baby in the shower with you? Yep, we've all been there. I've been doing this for over 15 years now with more responsibilities than ever and I am a little more tired than I used to be. Praise God for the loving hands of my older children. Honestly, this blessing is so huge I can hardly overstate it.

I realize that if you don't have your own older children yet that this is something that money can't buy. My recommendation is to definitely have a baby when you have teens (if possible) just for the experience and the many, many beautiful benefits for all involved. :)


Soothies.... Gel pads for nursing pain. These will seem expensive to you at first glance. I assure you they are not. They are worth their weight in gold. I have nursed children for 11 years of my life and I still struggle with newborn nursing pain. Bloody pain. The kind where it feels like your eyeballs are sweating and perhaps about to explode. Latch is good. Positioning awesome. Sometimes, it's just not anyone's fault. If we can get over this rough patch (and we always have), we're good to go for another couple years.

They gave me a sample set of these with my last baby and I completely forgot about them before this birth. Huge mistake. Chief very kindly made a special emergency stop today to pick some up for me.

I'm most familiar with Lansinoh Soothies but Medela and Ameda make similar products.

Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer

Bouncer/Buzzy Seat. I love this piece of equipment so much and use it so heavily that we get a new one with each baby because the old ones wear out! The basic model is the best because of the light weight (for lugging to every room and sometimes out of the house) and wire legs. There is a gentle buzzing option which has a similar effect on babies as a car ride. The wire legs are flexible enough so that I can work at something while bouncing it gently with one foot. The fancy models look cool but don't have that particular manual bouncy advantage.

I've tried swings and have never had success. To be honest, I prefer to hold the babies as much as possible. If this list were a month further along, I'm sure my sling would be on it. If I can't hold, I try to have someone else hold. If everyone is busy though, this seat is great. It is also very helpful when babies have colds since it keeps them on an incline or when baby is super fussy at night and mama needs a few zzz's.

Eventually, she will grow so big that her feet will stick off the end and she'll learn to kick and bounce herself. :)

Exercise ball. Or should I call it "Magic Ball." When nothing else works, the ball usually does the trick.  I don't know what it is about that bouncing motion but it trumps rockers, gliders, standing bounce.... everything. Absolute baby gear necessity. If you haven't used this and want to try, make sure to get one that fits you comfortably in a sitting position. If it's too big, you won't use it. If it's too small, it'll take it's toll on your back.

Another benefit to having one of these hanging out in the house is that you might even use it for exercising! It's a great, healthy way to sit at a computer... AND your kids will find imaginative ways to propel themselves through time and space using it as well. 

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