We are so pleased to announce that the newest member of our family was born on Thursday afternoon. (I don't put the kids names on the blog and do not have a blog name for her yet but I hope you'll enjoy the pics anyway.)

 I promise you a "birth story" post... I can't quite resist one of those. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a couple photos and pour out my joy and gratitude to God and to all who kept us in thought and prayer.

Our Birth-Day nap. 
She was a real little snuggly peach, right from the start. She's an "easy" baby... as long as you hold her, feed her constantly, burp her accordingly, and change her promptly. All babies are high need, some are just louder than others! She's not too loud yet. So grateful to God for the opportunity to cherish another little body and soul!

I love this guy. Really and truly. I just can't say enough about it. Birth partner super hero. More on that later.

My firstborn with his new sister... doesn't his head look gigantic? He's definitely lovin' this baby.

The two youngest girls getting to know each other.

Oh man... I'm so crazy in love. 
She's been very alert since the beginning and we just spend minutes on end checking each other out and "talking." She turns her head to check out the kids and loves when Daddy sings to her. 

Ironic new mom moment: 
When you need sleep so badly that it hurts but you keep putting it off to admire your baby. 
Sorry that mama is a big scary bear this morning, kids... but she has no self control when it comes to kissin' babies during naptime.

This is a huge smile barely caught on camera. 
When grumpy old ladies tell you that newborns do not smile... that they just have gassy grimaces... 
My experience in this area is strong, repeated, and confirmed by others in my household. The babies aren't thinking about how hilarious mom is, but they are feeling content and happy, and that emotion does indeed transfer to their countenance, in the same way sadness translates into tears.

In fact, this little girl has been smiling at us since the second day of life and the Chief was present when she laughed. A real giggle in her blissed out sleep.

Not all of our babies have been so smiley. Then again, I have not always been such a relaxed new mama. 

Thanks again to all for the love and prayers. I can't wait to share the details of our very blessed week with you. Incidentally, we had this little girl on the same day that Sarah had her twins. I went online before leaving for the hospital to request prayers on Facebook and briefly checked the blog feed to see if she had delivered yet. The update showed that she was in the hospital delivering and I gained a great deal of courage from that. If she can deliver TWO, I can deliver one! You've got to check out her beautiful boys... and please keep them in prayer as they care for their beautiful family and try to find hours to sleep.

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