7QT: 3 Weeks Post-Partum

Just so you all know... I don't intend to keep counting the post-partum weeks ad infinitum in my 7 Quick Takes. This is a temporary pattern of updating while I am still hyper focused on this particularly wild season of life...

Weight loss. I am 10 pounds shy of my pre-preggo weight. That is a very good place to be and I'm not worrying about it. This is the first time that I haven't had to purchase a new wardrobe just to leave the house after the baby was born. For every other pregnancy, I had to work with at least a 20 pound gain (usually more) so this has been enjoyable. The difference? My crazy diet. (Yes, I'm bringing it up again.) Healthy food is marvelously self-limiting in a way that donuts never can be.

 Recovery. Because this birth was a little slower and more relaxed (this is a relative term) than previous births, my recovery has been going very, very well. I no longer feel like I got hit by a truck and am just dealing with minor aches and pains and typical, but minor, recovery issues. Incredibly, I can't wait to start exercising. I feel a bit like I've been on a long car ride and just can't wait to get out of the car and stretch and jump around. I'm trying to be patient to allow the healing process to continue but... let's just say that I took a little run through the dairy section at Walmart yesterday. It was late and the aisle was relatively clear of people. The orange juice was so far away and looked like a goal I wanted to hustle to. It was an awkward little jog but it felt marvelous.

Speaking of Walmart... my husband and I have spent so many "date nights" there shopping for cheese and toothpaste that when I showed up last night, one of the night time cashiers gave me a hearty "Welcome Back! And how is number 7?" Yes... we're like one big happy Walmart family!

Fitness. I'm going for CrossFit, people. I can't run anymore since my feet have decided to age prematurely so I need to switch gears and just keep on going. I don't have the funds to join a box but I'm inspired by the lovely Stephanie who blogs about life, love, faith, and CROSSFIT over at her blog A Little Bit of Paradise. I found her by googling "post partum crossfit." I noticed that she does her workouts at home instead of a box and kept reading. I saw that she had multiple children and started browsing a little more. I saw the word "Catholic" and my eyes got bigger. I found an article about NFP and decided that it was a sign. CrossFit it is. Just this week, Stephanie posted about her end of pregnancy evaluation of CrossFit during pregnancy... I'm officially motivated.

Lena, if you're reading this... I think I'm finally ready to join you in this! Please feel free to pass along any new resources you have that I might enjoy (sans running). I'm on an upswing right now and it's a good time to learn new things. :)

Domestic Achievement. I'm giving myself a grade of C- because I'm postpartum. Otherwise I'd get a D. I've taken to walking through my house with my eyes partially closed and fuzzed up so that I don't have to mentally or emotionally deal with the disaster. My generally wonderful children have taken full advantage of my compromised state of health and have taken to just throwing their stuff everywhere. Oh wait... that's what they've always done. Just wait until I've been doing CrossFit for a while kiddos. Then I'll be strong enough to chase you down wherever you are and make you pick up that piece of cheese that fell out of your salad onto the floor. I know you saw it and thought about picking it up. But you didn't pick it up and I did. Watch out... I'm coming for you SOON.

Crafting. I am absolutely certain that recovery is going well because I pulled off a craft project yesterday. It was a stupid thing to do but crafty projects in this household often are. Messy. Time consuming. But just so terrifically nice. I even got a burn from the glue gun (I'm out of practice) which gave me a profound sense of achievement. Pics of the successful (!) project coming up on August 22nd in honor of Blessed Mother.

Incidentally, I hope to soon write about post-partum depression. I have experienced it and I'd like to share my story. I bring it up here because I was reminded that I was unable to muster a desire to craft or sew or read or do anything I enjoy doing for the better part of a year during that difficult time. Having gone through that once, I am so grateful to have the desire to tinker with glue and fabric at all. Having a new baby is hard, hard, hard and it is completely normal for new moms to feel sad, lonely, overwhelmed, and exhausted (hello, that was me yesterday). Moms with a deeper form of depression struggle with something more than that. I think it is helpful to distinguish between the two so that the former do not panic... and the latter do not lose hope.

Traveling. Peaches hates the car and has smashed all my hopes of having a baby who drifts off blissfully once the vehicle starts to roll. She looks upon that seat as a torture device designed to separate her from her mama. To be fair, I see it that way as well. I am dreading moving into taxi driver mode again in the fall and we are taking Professor to get his temporary driving permit asap.

Socialization. This is totally unrelated to post-partum stuff but I just had to throw it in. This photo is irrefutable proof that homeschooling only produces socially maladjusted introverts if you never let your kids out of the closet. Since we let ours out at least once a week, they have the loveliest Christian  friends. AND... they have friends who know how to pull off the best photo bombs. Which is really all the evidence you need that home education is a very excellent thing to do.

All subjects in this photo are home educated. Home based socialization rocks!

Yes, Cookie's teeth ARE blue... it was the sno cones.
Her nails are blue, too, but only on one hand. I can't explain that one.

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