7QT: Photo Dump

For this Quick Takes I'm just going to do an easy picture dump... sifting through our Summer stash and just typing, typing, typing...


Five weeks. Peaches is getting old already. I miss the awe-inspiring tiny fragility of the newborn but I'm loving the plumping up and the increased awareness. I can squeeze her a little now without fear of breakage. The other bonus to a little more heft is that she is handling her milk better and no longer spitting it out of her nose.


Jellybean and Chief playing in the Summer sun. Had to post a pic of her today. She's had a great Summer, kayaking and riding her bike for the first time. Those pics are still hung up in digital limbo. This one will do.

Little Cub being a ham. I cut his hair after this and he looks almost like a different kid. But still so cute I could squeeze him all day long. He has his "big boy bed" now and in spite of his insistence that it should be green, it is not green.


Our pre-birth trip to Virginia was fantastic. One highlight was our stop at Monticello. We got this photo of Mr. President and Mr. Pibb sizing each other up. I'm pretty sure they're having a debate about the inconsistencies in Jefferson's position on slavery. 

Brothers on the Appalachian Trail. 


In the Spring, we made a stop at Cabela's on the way home from visiting the Ohio Right to Life offices. Super fun trip. Even though I'm largely an indoor gal, if I had enough time, I could learn to do all right in the great outdoors. I do rather enjoy shooting sports and would like to try my hand at a compound bow. Even 2-year old Cub was entertained the entire time, primarily by the pop gun he discovered in the toy section. When big brother surprised him in a ghillie suit, Cub promptly took aim and fired. 


This is more or less what our house has looked like for the past few years. Have I told you about our crooked contractor who started off as a great guy with fantastic references, ran into financial and personal troubles, and left us with a huge, unfinished mess? No? I'll have to tell you about that sometime.

To make a long story short, we have been spending most of our time and resources over the past 3 years or so fixing stuff that went wrong. Now... finally... we are going to be moving forward. Nothing fancy, but finished will be really something. We are most grateful to the wonderful and generous Christian people in our lives who have given so much of their time and talent to help us on this road. We literally could not do it without them.

This pic is of an unfinished dining room which will shortly become a new kitchen/dining area that will be able to seat all of us... at the same time.

As I type this, a friend is pulling out cabinets and punching holes in our wall. I have mixed feelings but mostly because I'm awfully hungry and he's blocking the fridge. :)


The boy ordinarily won't touch anything that is adorned with roses and antique lace. Unless it has to do with the Holy Mass. Then... then it is not only acceptable but preferred. Only the best for the King of Kings! Did you ever see a group of athletic, masculine, very normal boys arguing over who gets to wear the fancy lace surplice? It's pretty funny. 


Let's get this done eh? Because the more time and the more money they have, the more evil they do with it.
True Story:
Last week in Cincinnati, Ohio, Planned Parenthood hosted a drag queen party. When pro-life activists from Stand True showed up to protest, the drag queens started posing for cheeky instagram pics... with the photos of aborted babies. Evil.

The hand in the photo belongs to my son. Not everyone agrees with me that my youngsters should engage in this battle. But I think we've got to raise our kids to walk boldly against injustice... or we will find that they will cower before it when they finally meet it face to face. Courage comes from character. And character takes time to develop. 
Posted on August 23, 2013 .