7QT: Two Weeks Post-Partum

Gone are the days when I wait expectantly for life to "slow down." I'm a big girl now and I get it. Life doesn't really slow down when you have a family! I'm okay with that. Waiting for things to "slow down" is synonymous to living life waiting for retirement. Life isn't about the day you quit your job so you can start living, but about what you do with each moment in the middle. So I'll take it gratefully. 


Turns out that the pro-life youth organization that we run has got our own booth at a major event this weekend. I knew this might happen but I was ignoring pretty much everything as we prepared for and welcomed the baby. So... we've got a snow cone machine to run along with the booth and about 10 hours with thousands and thousands of sno cone lovin' people. Did I mention that the baby will be just over two weeks old? I'm laughing. I'm happy. But I'm really grateful for my baby sling, strong husband, and a gorgeous forecast. Life is so good. Worth the effort. Thank you, Lord.

Gearing up for a Life Lovin' good time this weekend.


Thrush. That's all I need to say if your baby has had it. If your nursing baby has never had it, thank the good Lord above. On your knees. This is one of the most difficult post-partum challenges I've ever faced. I needed antibiotics for mastitis only a couple days after she was born. I was a little concerned about the possibility of thrush but could absolutely not resolve the issue on my own. Mastitis gets nasty very quickly so when I started to get nauseous and feverish, I figured I needed some help. So we traded one infection for another. Yippy. And this one is going to be harder to get rid of. Instead of blissfully nursing and bonding with my baby, I am now dreading that time and straining all my muscles and drawing blood when I bite my lip when she latches on. And crying while she nurses. I've had a baby with thrush before but not like this. Not like this. Trying grapefruit seed extract to see what happens using these instructions....

Also trying vinegar and all kinds of things I've found while googling HELP ME SOMEBODY. Hoping to get this done naturally as I hate to get another prescription for another strong medication with it's own list of possible side effects. This chain of badness could go on forever. 

There is also the unfortunate timing of a "supply and demand" episode with the baby. This is when the baby nurses and cries all day and night in order to increase the milk supply. She demands, I supply. I am usually very understanding and gladly nurse incessantly for that time period. But this is very bad timing. I need space between the feedings to heal and take care of things. I walked a screaming baby up and down our front sidewalk this morning with my crazy bed hair and bare feet... just because I couldn't bring myself to nurse her yet. I whispered "I'm sorry, beautiful" over and over as she screamed until I worked up enough nerve to feed her.

Thank you to my sweet husband who showered my pitiful self in compassionate kisses this morning as I poured out my sorrows. Chief among them is the disappointing and terrible desire to fast forward through any part of her  treasured life.


(I wrote this quick take prior to our nursing troubles...)

Peaches has been quite the happy traveler. We finally ventured out and as long as she's in my arms and preferably nursing, she's fine. Typical baby behavior. I was reluctant to sally forth at first but recovery is going well and it did me a world of good to brush my hair, put on a little make-up, and greet the sunshine. I wore heels on Sunday and that made me happier than maybe it ought to. I am tiring quickly though and looking forward to full recovery when simple chores don't feel like major ones and I can say "sure" when Little Cub asks me to carry him.


I'm allergic to my baby. Actually, I'm just allergic to Johnson's Baby wash. They washed her little head with it in the hospital and every time I would snuggle her soft hair with my cheek or neck, I'd end up with hives feeling like poison ivy. I've tossed the commercial products and am using on her only what I'd use on myself. Handmade, natural soaps are lovely. I'm also going to make some lotion using coconut oil as a base for her pretty skin. Nice recipes here...

Incidentally, if anyone has need of calendula, I have a mountain of it from Mountain Rose Herbs that I'm willing to pass along bits of for a song. I didn't realize how light it was and how little I needed. Let me just tell you that there isn't a chance I would use a whole pound of calendula flowers in the next 10 years unless I went into business. Just leave a comment or email me and let me know what you need and we'll work it out.


Proof that my husband has a book problem. He's a bona fide bibliophile...

The Chief reading There's a Wocket in My Pocket to Little Cub (age 2):

Chief: ... And a Nook Gase in my Book Case... *long pause as he glares at the picture*
Cub: Read, Daddy, READ!
Chief: *speaking firmly* You know, Cub, you must never, ever eat a banana by the books. Do you understand? That Nook Gase is being naughty.
Cub: *nodding earnestly* Yes, I understand.


Saturday marked my 17th wedding anniversary. The years do add challenges in many ways but I grow fonder of my husband with each passing year. Authentic love is deeper than tough times and not a whole lot like the sickly sweet image of light-hearted movie romances.  Instead, it carries crosses and harbors a deep, abiding joy that is well beneath the rocky surface waves. It doesn't always look like what I once imagined marital bliss to be, but it looks like something better. Thanking God for this great gift and vocation!


Post-Partum recovery is going remarkably well. I honestly think this is due to a much gentler labor. My easiest recoveries have been the 2 to 4 hour active labors. The super fast deliveries are much harder to recover from. I feel pretty great with normal aches and pains and posture and fatigue issues. I am also remarkably close to my pre-pregnancy weight... only about 10 pounds away. That has made a big difference on my joints and just the way I feel in general. There are actually clothes in my "normal" drawer that fit me already which is an experience I have never had before.

All this means that I have a "Wheat-Free Pregnancy Recap" post coming up soon. I simply can't deny the link between my dietary changes and this remarkably different pregnancy. 

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