Five Favorites: My Organizational Awesomeness...

We had a family fun day at Cedar Point yesterday. Walking miles and miles while pushing or holding a 6-week old baby = my first official post-partum workout! And I feel like I got hit by a rollercoaster today. I have no recollection of how I got to bed but I'm pretty sure I passed out there after I changed the baby's diaper... and that the Chief put everyone else to bed. That was a pretty wonderful thing for him to do, by the way.

I was pretty sure the day would be challenging for me so I prepared well. I'm inordinately proud of myself for the order I was able to bring to certain aspects of the day. I'm not typically energetic enough with a new baby to pull things together so well. Never mind about the horrendous mess in practically every room in my house... that is irrelevant to the current discussion. Just focus on the positive...


My new baby wrap. Because I only own 42 baby slings/wraps (only a tiny exaggeration), I thought I should own one more just for fun. My cousin, Tracy, recommended the Baby K'Tan and I thought that sounded great... except for the price tag. So I googled "make your own Baby K'Tan," pulled some gorgeous jersey knit from my stash, and...

So happy with this. I'll post more about this one another time. Definitely deserves it's own post.


My new nursing cover. I have never owned a real nursing cover and have only used blankets to cover up. After seeing a woman at church walking around while she nursed her baby discreetly under a cover, I was inspired by the sheer brilliance of that scene and knew I needed one for our trip.  I loved the curved opening at the top that allows a view of baby. Yes... must buy this. Until I saw the price tag. So I googled "make your own nursing cover," found a yard of pretty cotton from my stash, and finished my second easy sewing project in two days...

More details to come. This also deserves it's own post.
Please note that by my calculations, I saved $80 by making these myself. The fabric has been in my stash for so long that I don't remember what I paid for it. As such, I count is as free. :)
(Full disclosure: Estimated actual out-of-pocket cost for both = $15 for a savings of $65. But I'll just keep pretending it was all free.)


Nail polish. This is a minor detail but those little things add up. We wear matching shirts every year to our park trip. It is mildly nerdy but extremely helpful when trying to spot each other in a crowd. It was yellow this year because that's what we had the most of, and not only did the baby match, but my nails did as well. Astonishing.
(Don't zoom. It's a sloppy job and my nails are in bad shape. The point is happy, not perfect.)


Traveling Priest. Never forget to bring clergy if you can manage it. Not only is our pastor a good man and a faithful priest, but he's also a whole lot of fun! My husband was adamant that Father wear a yellow shirt to match our family. "He's our spiritual father... so he IS family and he should wear a yellow shirt." I disagreed at first since I didn't want to interfere with Father's personal fun day fashion sense (he initially wore a very cool Christian shirt), but it was blue and I see that it all worked out in the end. Father is 6'4" tall... so if our group was nearby, I could pretty much always find them. A true beacon for his spiritual children!


Extra clothes for everyone. In individual gallon bags lined up neatly in their own tote. Remember last year (see photo below)? That was not happening again.

*Note to my sister-in-law*
You should do this next year in case someone sitting in front of your children on a roller coaster happens to throw up again. And for the record, I did offer your husband the use of our extras. *snicker*

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