Pregnancy Glucose Test Alternative (Skip the Orange Stuff)

I am going through some papers on my desk and just found a page given to me by my midwife three pregnancies ago. I no longer submit to a glucose test during pregnancy and she is fine with that, but back then, I was still trying to get along with the medical community by submitting to as many unnecessary tests as possible. You know that orange drink you're supposed to chug before the blood draw? I don't get along with that at all. During my 3rd pregnancy, I was so reluctant that I simply ignored it and begged forgiveness later. For my 4th, my midwife gave me an alternative meal that I found reasonable.

After reading about why the test is completely silly for most women, and with the okay from my midwife, I just skipped it this time. But for those of you who don't have that luxury...

Standard Diet for the Two Hour PC Glucose Test

1. Eat the following breakfast exactly as listed.

2. Have your blood drawn at the office or lab exactly 2 hours after completing the meal

2 scrambled eggs
2 pats of butter or margarine
2 slices of toast or 1 english muffin
8 oz. orange juice
8 oz. whole or skim milk
coffee or tea

If you use this meal as an alternative to the orange stuff, your blood draw should be done two hours following your meal. If your doc tells you to go get your blood drawn at your convenience, simply eat your meal at home and make your way slowly to the hospital lab. Tell them you are to have your blood draw promptly at such-and-such time and hand them your order. We've never had a problem so perhaps you won't either.

If I had time, I would look up all the great articles about the overuse of medical tests. I would also link some nice things about the nastiness of the orange stuff and the loveliness of eating eggs and butter. However, I am doing my homeschool paperwork... so I will leave you to Google and stop my procrastinating.
Posted on August 21, 2013 and filed under "glucose test", "pregnancy".