Rosa Mystica DIY Fabric Flower Garland

The best evidence that my post-partum recovery has been going well is that I have already commenced with making crafty messes. I haven't had the luxury of slow crafting in many years. Usually, I'm just trying to fit it in between the needs of littles, but if I can get a quick fix of fabric or glue guns everyone once in a while... I'm good.

And Pinterest has been really egging me on. Naughty Pinterest.

Shortly after the birth of Peaches, I saw a link there to a beautiful fabric flower garland. I had absolutely no reason to make it, but after 5 seconds of hard thinking I found the perfect purpose...

.... to honor our beautiful Blessed Mother. A beautiful garland of roses for Mary. Yes.
(And also the perfect opportunity to join up with the Catholic Blogger Collective's post on Marian projects -- scroll all the way down to see some really lovely ideas.)

A day and a couple nasty glue gun burns later, I had a very pretty garland...

The original tutorial for the leaves at Two Shades of Pink is super simple but I used a different method for making the flowers from Emily's Little World

The flowers did end up being a bit too heavy for a free hanging garland but would work against a wall or arranged on a table. In the future (because this was so fun I do plan on doing it again), I would still use this type of flower pattern but I would eliminate one petal layer (to make them lighter) and glue another flower to the back if I plan on free hanging. That way it doesn't matter if they flip over.

Fabric note: Since I used a cotton fabric instead of the knit in the flower tutorial, I found it helpful to fluff up the flowers a little with well places glue gun squeezes and finger pinches. Just glue and press and fluff and primp until the flower looks just how you want it.

With my mountain of fabric stash, you'd think I could find a bit of green to use, but no. This is how we end up with ridiculous mountains of fabric... because we never seem to have exactly what we need, eh ladies? I purchased the greens during a midnight Walmart run. The pink fabric is leftover from our Miss Suzy aprons.

I have so many ideas for this garland. It is, of course, perfect for any Marian feast day. But I can see this at a baby or bridal shower, little girl's birthday, baptism (with white flowers), or a tea party. 

My girls were definitely able to help out. I am a greedy crafter and a perfectionist of sorts so it takes effort for me to give up jobs to their eager hands. They did a lovely job though. The short twine "branches" needed to be tied. Leaves needed to be cut. Kids old enough to use a hot glue gun can glue. (I am apparently not old enough since I damaged multiple fingers with hot glue.) The flower petals need to be cut, too, although I was having too much fun with the flowers to let anyone help me with them. :)

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Mystical Rose

There is no rose of such virtue
As is the rose that bear Jesu:
For in this rose containéd was
Heaven and earth in little space:
Res Miranda.
By that rose we may well see
There be one God in Persons Three:
Pares forma.
The angels sang, the shepherds too:
Gloria in Excelsis Deo:
Leave we all this worldly mirth
And follow we this joyful birth:

By an unknown Medieval Author

Res Miranda, thing to be marvelled at. Pares forma, equal in nature. Gaudeamus, let us rejoice. Transeamus, let us go hence.

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