Teen Daughter Meets Happy Homeschooler

Cookie had the opportunity see Jamie Grace live yesterday. I love this Christ-centered young lady. Only 21 years old and was happily homeschooled! What a great blessing it is to have positive Christian role models for my homeschooled kiddos. It's a big Look, you're not weird because you're home educated... you're just extra cool.

Jamie Grace used her platform to recommend homeschooling to everyone. (I actually find that funny, it being a diocesan event and all... and the diocese being generally a bit overly enamored of it's schools and under-supportive of Catholic homeschooling). She also talked a bit about dating and said that gals should not date unless they are ready to consider marriage. My recent post on that topic happens to be on it's way to becoming one of my most popular posts ever and it has been a huge discussion topic around here. So... I just love it when talented, Jesus-lovin', home-educated young gals tell my teenage daughter the exact same things I tell her. It makes me look much wiser and cooler than I might otherwise look.

Jamie Grace is not a Catholic but I've not heard anything in her music that runs contrary to the faith and I love what she said at the concert... so I'm happy to share her joyful voice here!

Posted on August 5, 2013 .