WIWS: Post-Partum Whatever Fits Scramble

It was a rough night and dawn came quickly. I am 5 weeks post-partum and Peaches is sleeping nicely sometimes and not so well other times. No biggie. I am still ignoring most clothing items with zippers or buttons. I managed to get a morning shower and focused on my closet only long enough to find something with elastic on the bottom and room enough on the top. And with the help of young Professor, I managed to pull of a What I Wore Sunday after Mass (because who has time before Mass?)...
Skirt: 25 cents from parish rummage sale. No brand. I have no idea if it is fashionable or not but the boho in me doesn't care. Does it twirl and flow? Cool. When I see skirts like this I suddenly get the urge to embroider something on them. I've never done it but it would be good motivation to learn embroidery.

Shirt: Target (plus essential cami underneath). It has flutter sleeves though and I never, never wear it without a cardi... I just don't like wearing flutter sleeves. 

Sweater: Hand-me-down from a friend's giveaway bag. Tags torn out. I love it when my friends give clothes away... they are always more stylish than I am and I just try my best to leech off of their talent.

Shoes: Favorite Jeep wedges. They will fall apart some day and then I will have to go barefoot. 

Necklace: $7 pendant of Our Lady of Guadalupe found at local Catholic shop. I have never been big into jewelry but I have a particular fondness for pretty Marian pieces. Love the antique look of this one.

Hair Flower: Handmade by me. A pretty chiffon flower plus a hair clip. Easy.


Thank you to the Professor for helping me with these pics. He did a pretty fair job considering he is 15 and doesn't care much for mama fashion. I do wish he would notice details a bit more and say things like "Hey... why don't we retake that pic... your eyes were squinty and you don't want to have squinty eyes on your blog."

Peaches was not in the photo because she was sleeping and sleeping babies, in general, should not be disturbed.

Everyone was just fine at Mass although I had to threaten Jellybean once with a trip out of church. She doesn't want that because the hallway is for babies and she wants to be in the cool kids club... in church. I was not my best self at Mass, however. Even though Cookie held the baby the whole time, I had a hard time attending, caught myself slumping into the corner and thinking of other things regularly. I even had to leave church to go get tissues (allergies) that I failed to bring with me. Good thing my kids don't give me a grade on church behavior!

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